Monday, October 30, 2006

Two Guys on Jobs & Outsourcing

At last, working America has its own political commentators—no fancy hairdos, no spin-doctoring, just a good reality slap from the heart of the middle class. [HT: AFL-CIO blog]

Two guys on Bush's trickle down economy

UPDATE: I believe one reason blogs are so popular is because average people get a chance to express themselves - no agenda, no political spin, no ad agency soundbites - just sincere, heartfelt words. The video above is a good example of that and so is this post I came across on Christine Barry's blog. The words are those of a person who calls himself "One Voice of Dissent."
My impression of republicans has always been the same. Dont vote for them unless you want war and you want to see the corporations profits soar while the working man gets the shaft. I’ve been called every name in the book by republicans because I worked my ass off for 35 years in a union shop.

I’ve been called a communist, a socialist and marxist, and dirty low down Anti-American son-of -a -bitch because I worked for a living. People accused me of not having to work because I was in a union.

But, for 35 years, my desk was the dashboard of a dump truck, my pens and pencils were picks and shovels, and my greatest automated tool was jackhammer bustiig up concrete and digging up blacktop. That was my spring, summer snd fall fun, in the winter, I plowed snow, spread salt and cinder stood in the back of trucks and flung shovels full of salt into intersections so people could "walk" & "dont walk".
Click the link and read the rest of the post, and then ask yourself why we let the Republicans do this to us. Maybe the answer is that we don't respect ourselves enough. Maybe it's time to say enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

The best line is when he says trickle down is only a drop when it reaches the middle class. How true.

Lew Scannon said...

The lack of respect for the labor that has built this state by the people who benefit the most from it is appalling.