Friday, October 06, 2006

Olbermann's Special Comment About Lying

More strong words from Keith Olbermann:
The president doesn’t just hear what he wants.

He hears things that only he can hear.
Shouldn't the leadership in Washington be setting the president straight on the difference between terrorists and critics instead of a news anchor?


Stephen said...

Keith's words on the president may be strong, but your thoughts on Washington are on an equal footing.

Good, strong, thought provoking questions. We need these kind of questions to plug the hole that is draining "American" reasoning.

Betty Cracker said...

"You have dishonored your party, sir; you have dishonored your supporters; you have dishonored yourself."

Well said, Mr. O.

Lew Scannon said...

Bush suffers from bubblitis, a condition brought on by too much partying in youngers years, followed by a sheltered existence of relying on father's political connections for survival and a total disconnect from reality by surrounding oneself with sycophantic yes-men.

abi said...

Olbermann is doing what I thought MSM journalists would be falling all over each other to do - making a name for himself through hard-hitting commentary. What are the others afraid of?

Libby said...

The others are afraid of getting fired Abi. I read somebody today that was wondering if Keith is on thin ice. They cancelled Phil Donohue when he was their highest rated show because he was dissing the prez.

Of course public opinion has changed since then and leftie bloggers have become more powerful but still, it's a brave move in a world of corporate media.

Not many are that brave.