Wednesday, October 18, 2006


While the media continues to fixate on Foley and the page scandal, and Karl Rove and the GOP drool over the prospect of having $100 million to spend on key House and Senate races between now and the election, our president continues his assault on civil liberties. What more is there to say about this development? P. M. Carpenter said it all:
This is not a commentary. It is an obituary.

The United States, age 230, passed away yesterday following a short bout of internal complications.

Well, “passed away” isn't quite the term for it. It was murdered – cynically cut down in what should have been its prime; assassinated by fear, slayed by ignorance, silenced by contempt, butchered by congressional cowardice and whacked by a venomous president. Rasputin himself died at the hands of fewer conspirators.

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