Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Don't Want a Governor Who Works for the GOP

We have three new Michigan bloggers on the scene. Among the Trees is hosted by Eric Baerren (former editor of the Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun). I always liked Eric's editorials because he remained true to himself when he voiced his opinions and didn't worry about taking the popular stance. I think his blog will evolve along the same lines based on this recent post where Eric questioned the wisdom behind cutting taxes in order to create jobs (a position promoted by DeVos and his supporters):
Beckmann ends his attack on the governor suggesting that if we don't buy DeVos' argument that we're just stupid. [...]

Right, and here's a question ... if cutting taxes leads to economic growth, then why are we today losing jobs after a decade of tax cutting by a Republican governor? [emphasis added]
Great question, Eric, and the answer is that cutting taxes doesn't lead to job creation, but that's a little detail DeVos and certain columnists hope us "rationally ignorant" voters won't notice.

Because it's important to educate ourselves on the issues, Liberal Lucy decided to start a blog - Liberal, Loud and Proud.

Lucy said she's not just another ranter ( I ever rant), but her blog "is about living what I believe, sharing/educating those who care, and being a proud citizen of an incredible state." Lucy's been a regular contributor over at Michigan Liberal and she's eager to help educate us on the details. In fact, between now and election day, Lucy plans on sharing one fact everyday on why Amway Guy is bad for Michigan. And for every reason she gives to not vote for Dick, she's going to give one on why Governor Granholm is the hardest working, most compassionate and dedicated governor in the country. Check in with Lucy everyday and learn!

That brings me to Nirmal, who moved and has a new name - Capital Viewpoint. Nirmal's previous blog was Who Got the Gravy where he had a great series of posts on Amway and DeVos that I recommend everyone read:

Amway Exposed, Part One: The Profitability of Amway

"Amway Exposed, Part Two: The "Tools" Scam

Amway Exposed, Part Three: Dick DeVos Doesn't Believe in Workers' Rights

Amway Exposed, Part Four: Amway and Free Speech

Why bother reading about Amway and DeVos? I've mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating this comment from Zack at Pohlitics that sums it up well:
When you get down to brass tacks, the whole Amway universe works like this: wealthy elites exploit the poor with the false hope of achieving the "American dream" in order to enrich themselves.
DeVos asks us to trust him, but he keeps on writing check after check to lobbyists, special interest PACs and Republicans. I'm sorry, but I want a governor who works for me - not the Republican Party.

(Go read the new blogs on the block!)


Lew Scannon said...

Then there's always the possibility DeVos will use his position as a stepping stone to the White House (shudder), which would be a night mare worse than our current one.

Nirmal said...

Thanks for the plug, Kathy!

LiberalLucy said...

Likewise, hope I can do your readers justice!!!

Kathy said...

Lew, your comments are right on target. DeVos already secured the address, and one local blogger picked up the fact that "local GOP activists are muttering about a Vice President DeVos in 2008."

That's been my feeling about DeVos right along. He doesn't really care about Michigan. We're just a means to an end. Granholm may not be perfect, but I don't doubt that she sincerely wants to turn Michigan around.