Monday, October 23, 2006

Blah, blah, blah...

I've been feeling kind of blah lately, which is partly due to the weather and partly due to political fatigue. Honestly, I will be happy when the election is over. I am sick of the mind-numbing commercials and intrusive robocalls that I've had to develop defensive strategies to avoid. Answering machines and remotes are wonderful inventions, but I'd like to see legislation that limits campaigning to 30 days prior to the election.

It's been particularly bad here in Michigan (DeVos started campaigning and running commercials last February), which might explain the picture below that was taken near the old Tiger Stadium (ht: Michigan Liberal).

Other similarly altered billboards have been spotted around Detroit. I think the person responsible for this has a point - any person who would inflict nine months of campaigning on the public can't be too nice.

On a side note, there are several issues DeVos brought into the campaign that many of us see as hateful and un-Christian. Christine Barry covers five of those issues in this post, but here's one example of just how little compassion and understanding DeVos has about issues that touch people's daily lives
A gay child - I wouldn't wish DeVos on any gay person, but I wouldn't mind him dealing with some angst in this area. Would the DeVos money stop flowing to the gay bashing groups? Would he ease up on his social conservative agenda? Would he allow his Republican friends to use his child as a political wedge? Would he finally get it?
Go read the rest of Christine's post. We know DeVos has grand plans to help big business, but for the most part he leaves the rest of us behind.


Kvatch said...

Saw that sign on another blog. Wonder if it's a paste-up? Oh well. Cool nonetheless.

Lew Scannon said...

I think DeVos' stance on social issues scare me more than his economic policies.
I'm getting fed up with DeVos's commercials, when he's not attacking Granholm, he's not saying what he will do to create more jobs. And they never mention the business he turned around as being a glorified pyramid scheme to begin with.

Kathy said...

Kvatch, the sign is real. The webmaster at Michigan Liberal took the picture when he was in Detroit recently. There are similar ones across the city from what I've read.

Lew, I can't understand why the media is so hands-off the pyramid scheme myself. It's been documented time after time how little most people make (less than $65 per month as I recall), then add in the fact that Amway's manufacturing facility uses temporary employees and provides no benefits, and that adds up to jobs that Michiganders can't even support their families on. I don't call that an accomplishment. DeVos is no Bill Gates in the job creation department. Heck, DeVos didn't even come up with the pyramid scheme idea himself. That was his father and VanAndel's idea. Dick was just fortunate to be born into wealth.