Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Voting a Straight Democratic Ticket

This chart indicates why so many wealthy businessmen like DeVos contribute so generously to Republicans and lobbyists. The Republicans like to say they're working for the middle-class and care about the issues important to us, but years of Republican rule show their policies benefit the rich more than working class Americans. [Source: Economic Policy Institute]

According to the AFL-CIO blog:
Since 1970, the productivity of our workers in this county has skyrocketed, and the richest has made themselves millionaires thousands of times over because of it. [...]

But has the working class been rewarded for their massive contribution to this enormous economic expansion? No, workers’ wages haven’t even kept up with rising prices. While the average CEO pay has gone up more than 700 percent, more people than ever before are living in poverty in America. [...]

America is full of the most innovative, creative, driven people whose collective accomplishments are awesome. So what are we spending our visions and passion on? Are we working on bringing up the living standard of all of society and giving everyone a chance to lead productive, secure lives? No, the powerful in this country are wasting our collective resources on making it possible for the tiny fraction of the richest people to get even richer and to allow Big Business to exploit the labor of workers. [emphasis added]

We are less than a month away from the election, when America’s voters will decide if we want to stay with the same anti-working family, pro-war majority in power in Congress, or if we will put the people in Washington who will take their power and use it to make a real commitment to improve wages, education, safety and health care for everyone.
I've split my ticket in the past and voted for Republicans and third party candidates I felt I could trust, but this time around I'm voting a straight Democratic ticket. The Republican Party had their chance and they blew it. I literally cannot "afford" to let them govern anymore.


Cathleen said...

Amen. Time to throw these thieves out of power.

Anonymous said...

I'm not doing buisness with them anymore. Grandholm will be my choice.

Lew Scannon said...

Nice graph! It shows why Bush will always have a strong core of approval, from the bastards that he is making rich.
Have you seen Granholm's latest ad? Where DeVos morphs into Bush? Couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

"I'm Voting a Straight Democratic Ticket"

Know what?

Me too.

pissed off patricia said...

When I hear that the stock market is up, all that means to me is that the rich are getting richer.

I will vote all dems this time because the repubs have failed to control what this administration has be doing to our country.