Sunday, October 29, 2006

Granholm Gains Impressive Endorsements

The endorsements for Granholm keep rolling in, which has to make Dick DeVos unhappy. He's spent $35 million of his own fortune so far trying to become governor. Here's a list of the major newspaper endorsements through today:

DETROIT FREE PRESS - Our Choice: Granholm
Gov. JENNIFER GRANHOLM is the best candidate to lead the state through this difficult transition. The Detroit Free Press endorses Democrat Granholm for a second four-year term. She is a dynamic leader who is pushing Michigan in all the right directions against formidable economic and political forces.
LANSING STATE JOURNAL - Granholm's Positive Approach Beats DeVos' Vague Plans

SAGINAW NEWS - Jennifer Granholm for Governor
So when it comes to deciding Tuesday, Nov. 7, between Republican Dick DeVos and Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm, the choice for us is simple -- if not easy...Michigan's challenge -- and Saginaw's challenge -- demands a long-term strategy that helps the state move from its century-old emphasis on the auto industry as an economic engine. That kind of change takes time, and Granholm has started Michigan down a more promising path.
Muskegon Chronicle - Granholm for a second term as our governor
We want a real fighter for our state, and in GOV. JENNIFER GRANHOLM, we've got one. Only Granholm stands between DeVos and Republicans so far to the right on the political spectrum that they would drown state government in a sea of program cuts -- which they are too cowardly to identify before the election.

Granholm has the heart of a fighter. She readily appeared before our editorial board to take on the tough questions any candidate must face in a close election.

DeVos, on the other hand, refused to meet with us.
The Traverse City Record-Eagle: Granholm makes strides in face of soured economy
Maybe she's just being polite. But it is an absolute mystery why GOV. JENNIFER GRANHOLM has not responded to the non-stop jobs, jobs, jobs mantra from challenger Dick DeVos with a simple truth: She is not the president of General Motors, Ford Motor Co. or Chrysler Corp.

The blame for Michigan's economic free-fall over the past five years lies squarely on the Big Three and other manufacturing firms and the realities of the new global economy. [...]

What Michigan voters should worry about now is how to pump new life into our auto-wrecked economy. What DeVos has offered so far is downright scary.[...]

If DeVos has a road map for turning the economy, he hasn't spelled it out beyond gutting state revenues. That's enough to say "no."
The Battle Creek Enquirer: Granholm is the best choice -
There is no quick and simple solution to regain the thousands of jobs that have been lost, but we think Michigan's governor has laid the groundwork for a recovery that will help diversify the state's economy and, ultimately, make it stronger. It won't happen overnight, however; it will require a sustained commitment, and that is why we endorse Democrat Jennifer Granholm for re-election.
Kalamazoo Gazette: We choose Granholm
[...] the Kalamazoo Gazette is recommending voters return Gov. Granholm to office for a second and final four-year term. Gov. Granholm has faced down a considerable amount of adversity in the last four years, and has done it with aplomb. She has the experience and the smarts. She is pragmatic and not an intractable ideologue. On Nov. 7, send her back to Lansing to finish the job.
Bay City Times: Let's get 'er done, guv: We choose Jennifer Granholm
A governor, alone, cannot stop the disintegration of our state's manufacturing might. No matter his or her brain power or brawn, no single leader can restore the 340,000 jobs that Michigan has lost since 2000. Only by working together can Michigan's government and business leaders arrest the Great Lake State's slide into economic obscurity. And haul it back to prosperity.

Gov. Granholm in her first four years in office has proven that she can get that job done.
Ann Arbor News - Granholm is best choice, but needs to improve - DeVos hasn't offered better recovery plan
[...] here's the bottom-line question: Who is best suited to lead Michigan for the next four years?

Though we're not thrilled with either candidate, our answer is Granholm, and we endorse her re-election.

Granholm also got our endorsement in 2002, and took office after 12 years of Republican leadership under former Gov. John Engler. Since then she has worked with a Republican-controlled state Legislature and has shown some of the qualities we'd hoped to see - a more inclusive approach to governance, a willingness to restructure inefficient bureaucracy and a moderate stance on most issues, including stem-cell research, environmental protection and public safety. [...]

DeVos, unfortunately, has provided few details about what he would do differently. A businessman, he may have a strong understanding of how the state could better deal with long-term issues such as improving the business climate, but he has not presented a compelling reason to succeed Granholm.
The Ludington Daily News: In Our View: Granholm for Governor
The Ludington News Daily has endorsed Governor Granholm, stating that her economic plan is right for the state, and that DeVos's ideas just don't add up...

The near collapse of the Big Three is not the fault of the Legislature nor the governor. It’s in part the fault of the Big Three for failing to adapt to a global economy, work together with their unions to comply with that increased competition and changing consumer desires, and now the state — including Granholm and the Legislature — is doing its best to recover from those corporate failings.
In addition to newspapers, dozens and dozens of organizations and community leaders across Michigan have endorsed the reelection of Governor Granholm. This is all good news for Granholm, but the bottom line is this: She needs more than endorsements and support - she needs our votes on Nov. 7.

UPDATE: I owe an apology to my local paper, The Flint Journal. They also endorsed Granholm saying "she presents the better option," and "Dick DeVos, we fear, would take us in the wrong direction."


Mike said...

Great to see the endorsements keep rolling in. Have to echo what you said about getting to the polls, now it's important that we all get out there next Tuesday and vote!

Bryan said...

To echo Kathy and Mike, these endorsements and current poll numbers aren't going to mean much if everyone doesn't get out there and vote. Be sure to encourage family, friends, and neighbors to get to the polls, as we all know that every vote can make a difference in a race that's as close as this one!

Lew Scannon said...

Unfortunately, my local paper, The Grand Rapids Press, has endorsed DeVos (surprise? I don't think so) which is why I tell the people from the subscription department who call me regularly that I won't subscribe to their useless even as bird cage liner and fish wrap waste of valuable trees paper.