Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dubya and Dick=Twins

The latest political ad from the MDP sure has people talking. It's called "Twins" and shows how there is no difference between DeVos and President Bush as they morph together on the screen. It's the best campaign ad I've seen all year.

Quicktime and Windows Media versions are here.

Of course, not everyone liked the ad. Dick's Disembodied Head was insulted. He claims Dick Devos and George W. Bush are easy to tell apart. You won't convince me of that, especially after reading this post from Wizard Kitten that reports Levin is critical of DeVos on China trade.

I have a feeling Levin is critical of Bush too. Democrats claim the Bush administration's China trade policy has been missing in action for sometime now.

That's great for companies like Amway and the DeVos family, but as Wizard Kitten points out:
Amway has made billions in China. One wonders- where is all that money? Dick certainly hasn't brought it back here.


Anonymous said...

Question for DeVos: Most of the jobs at Amway here in Michigan are temp jobs with no benefits and they pay under $10.00/hour. Is this the kind of job you talk about creating here in Michigan?

Lew Scannon said...

DeVos' campaign isn't about creating jobs in Michigan, it's about forwarding his far-right agenda. If he really wanted to create jobs here in Michigan, he would.

Nice question anonymous. And so very true.

pissed off patricia said...

wow, that's a pretty amazing ad. The morphing stuff is always amazing to me and this is especially good.

Kathy said...

Anonymous, Lew is right, that's a great question. Did you notice that Granholm brought up the same point last night, and had a letter from someone to back up the fact that Amway hires temp people and doesn't pay for health insurance? We sure don't need those kinds of jobs in Michigan. We need real jobs with benefits, pensions and decent wages.

POP, I think this is the best ad of the campaign season thus far. Glad you liked it too.

Freudian Slip said...

Its so funny that we live in a political world where the greatest insult you can give to someone running for office is compare them to Bush. Hilarious! (and also sad)

Kathy said...

Freudian Slip, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I didn't think the ad was insulting, but I did find it informative - and "sad" as you pointed out.