Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do the right thing for our kids

After reading about the right-wing's smear campaign against Graeme Frost, the 12-year-old boy who recently shared his story about being involved in a severe car accident and receiving medical care because of SCHIP, I've concluded that our children are not safe around most Republicans.

Thank heavens we still have bona fide "compassionate" people like Gov. Granholm speaking out for them. She urges everyone to do the right thing and protect our kids by overturning Bush's veto. You can do that by visiting to show your support for the compromise that garnered strong support from Democrats and Republicans across the country.

Here's some background from the governor's website:
Thanks to MIChild, we provide health care to 55,000 children in Michigan every month - but there are still 158,000 children without health care who desperately need it. [...]

The bill would provide Michigan with an additional $64 million in funding for children's health care in 2008. That's a 44% increase for Michigan's children compared to the President's proposal.

The funding would enable the state to provide affordable health coverage to an additional 80,900 low-income uninsured children in Michigan. [...]

We have a real opportunity to overturn Bush's veto. This legislation was supported by 67 senators and 43 of the nation's governors from both political parties. In the senate, it was passed with a "veto proof" majority - and we are only about 25 votes short of a veto proof majority in the House. In Michigan, Republican Representatives Upton, Ehlers, and Miller voted in favor of the bill. Representatives Walberg, Knollenberg, Rogers, McCotter, Camp, and Hoekstra were the Michigan members to vote against it.
Our children shouldn't suffer because their parents can't buy insurance through normal means. Please, click over to and ask your legislators to override the president's veto.

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insure your kids your self!!!!