Monday, October 01, 2007

Union made and proud of it!

This was forwarded to me by someone I know who works for GM. The original sender said he was just walking thru the State Fair of "The Gret Stet of Texas" minding his own business...whistling "This is Our Country"...when LO AND comes a Toyota Motorsports Trailer...sez "We're here to race"...

And WHAT truck would YOU use to pull a Toyota Trailer?

That's right - a CHEVY

Jalopnik has more pictures and adds this:
Obviously the reason why Toyota wasn't going to be able to haul this heavy of a trailer was because they don't have a heavy duty pickup to hitch that big Toyota racing trailer up to. But even the most hard-core Toyota truck fan's got to admit it's probably a little embarrassing to have the competition hauling you around by your johnson trailer hitch.
Texans have an expression that Toyota might have heard: All hat and no cattle.

It seems appropriate somehow.

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abi said...

How embarrassing. I assume that photo isn't a real ad, but I think GM should use it in an ad.