Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Under construction!

I finally switched to the new and improved (not so sure about that) version of Blogger and I've run into some glitches. It could be operator error - very possible - or the template. Anyway, be patient while I fine tune everything in my spare moments!


abi said...

It looks good. But how come all your links go to a porn site?

Kidding . . . good luck with the update.

Kathy said...

You nearly gave me a heart attack!!!

As you might have noticed, I keep changing the template. appears that templates are not all created equal. Some will let me change the background color, some won't, etc., etc. I'm not savvy like you are so I have to use a template. This could take a while to find the perfect one.

Of course, I am a woman and you know how often we change our minds!

Anonymous said...

Please make the font a little bigger. My wife is looking for a deal on new glasses for me.

Johnny C said...

Hey you switch too, I couldn't stand the green I had on the old blogger. I prefer this verison because I don't need to drag the link over and plus I can include you and the other bloggers links and still won't look jumble together.

Kathy said...

Anonymous, depending on your browser, you can adjust the size of your text. Go to the top of your toolbar and check out the options. On Firefox, click on View and then click on text size. Sorry, I'm not sure where it is on Internet Explorer.

Johnny C, great minds think alike! I liked this template because it was crisp and clean and easy to read.

Larry said...

Blogger sucks. It is down a lot, eats comments and is hacked easily.

That's why we are building Lydia a new website that will have its own blog, separate from Blogger.