Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Road Trip: Pittsburgh

Hubby and I went to Pittsburgh for a few days to visit family and enjoy the fall colors. Since I couldn't take you along, I did the next best thing and took lots of pictures. (I heard that groan!) The colors weren't as nice as we expected (I read that global warming is to blame), but Mother Nature didn't disappoint either. This first shot was taken on the Ohio Turnpike as we zoomed through the Cuyahoga Valley area, which is east of Cleveland. (You can try clicking the pictures to make them bigger. It works in Firefox, but I'm not sure about other browsers.)

It was pretty cloudy on the way there as you can see. The next picture shows downtown Pittsburgh as seen from the North Hills area. Those white awning-like objects are part of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

After driving through town, we crossed the Liberty Bridge (over the Monongahela River) and headed into the Liberty Tunnel, which goes through the hillside on Mount Washington. I'm always a little nervous while we're inside, especially if traffic backs up and we have to stop. We breezed through this time, but I had a moment of panic when my flash went off and I wondered if Homeland Security saw it and was ready to pull us over. I guess they were sleeping or I look pretty harmless!

Our trip home was much sunnier as you can see from the next picture taken as we crossed the Allegheny River. The bridge you see is for trains.

Have you heard of Joe Namath? Well, the next picture was taken on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as we crossed over the Beaver River, a tributary of the Ohio River, in Beaver Falls, home town of Broadway Joe. You can't tell from the picture, but that bridge is really high above the water. If that bridge ever collapses, you'd better hope you're wearing a parachute.

Michigan readers will recognize the next picture showing Bronner's Christmas Store in Frankenmuth. The billboard is on the Ohio Turnpike just as you leave Pennsylvania. It's been there as long as I can remember, and in fact it looks like it's been refreshed. I guess the advertising must pay off.

Finally, home sweet home. I wish Michigan had a snazzier looking sign welcoming people to our state. It looks cheap and it's pretty pathetic that Bronner's has a nicer looking billboard than the one welcoming people to Michigan. Sigh...I guess money for a new sign is out of the question, huh?


Cathleen said...

Yea pictures! (Yes, they do open up in IE) Nice shots.

Our signs are better than Indiana and Illinois (on the road to Chicago anyway)... but you're right, probably no money for new signs anytime soon.

Oh well. At least they are blue. :-)

abi said...

Well of course it was cloudy around Cleveland, given that the Red Sox had just whomped the Indians.

You didn't need to tell us you were nervous in the Liberty Tunnel. The jittery picture tells the story.

Thanks for the pictures. Hope you had a great time.

Kathy said...

Cathleen, now that you pointed out the sign is blue, Mike Bishop and friends might decide to change it! ;-)

Abi, awww...Boston was just lucky, that's all. Don't look for them to win the series. :-)

Kathy said...

Abi, I meant to say I like Coco Crispy (that's my name for him) and the guy with the dredlocks - Ramirez. (But the Sox still won't win the series!)

abi said...

Kathy, just let me say one thing - 2 and oh.

Kathy said...

Abi, I have to admit it's looking pretty good for the Sox, but it ain't over till it's over!

Libby Spencer said...

Great shots. Glad to see you're doing well.

word verify: fuelfq

Kathy said...

Hey, Libby. Nice to have you drop by. Yep, all is well in my little place in the world. I hope the same for you too.