Friday, October 12, 2007

A little self-promotion

Three things happened to me this week that I wanted to share with everyone. First, I was invited to become a front-pager at Blogging for Michigan and I accepted. BFM is a relative newcomer to the blogging scene here in Michigan (I believe they started up in July), but they hit the deck running and haven't stopped since. Check them out. They have many talented, progressive bloggers that provide news and commentary on issues that affect us here in Michigan from the local level all the way up to Washington.

I wasn't sure I'd fit in since I tend to write about everything from soup to nuts (hence the title of this blog), but they assured me my posts didn't have to be Michigan specific and that anything I wanted to contribute would be welcome, it was all good. So, I decided I'd give it a try and see what happens.

That brings me to my second bit of news. Earlier in the week, I posted this at BFM: Our children are not safe around Republicans. It's about the smear campaign directed at Graeme Frost and his family by right-wing conservatives. You can click over and read it if you're interested. Frost is the 12-year-boy who suffered a brain injury in a car accident and continues to receive help through the SCHIP program. Anyway, that post was mentioned by Bill Scher at Tom Paine/Common Sense today!

Scher specifically said, Michigan bloggers are out in full force, and besides my post at BFM, he also mentioned posts at Michigan Liberal and Michigan Class Notes. Kudos to those blogs! Michigan definitely has a strong group of progressive bloggers and this proves it.

Finally, I have to thank Abi for something he dug up on the internet in response to my post: Must See TV: George Gipp. The Gipper's body was exhumed from a Michigan cemetery earlier this week for DNA testing without much explanation, but Abi found two entries on an ancestry bulletin board that "might" explain why. A woman claims her grandmother may be the Gipp's daughter and an author currently writing a book about the football player answered her and said DNA testing could be arranged. Anyway, since Abi posted his comment, my count meter has been zooming and 75% of the people are reading that post and his comment.

That just goes to show you that dead celebrities generate more interest than politics!

Have a good weekend.


Midwestern Progressive said...

Hey, congrats on the promotion, it is well deserved for your excellent work!

LiberalLucy said...

Congrats! Hope we'll still see you stop by at MichLib! :-)

abi said...

That's great news, Kathy. Glad to hear you have another platform. Well deserved. And it's nice to see Common Sense has such good taste. I hope BFM got a lot of hits from the link.

Speaking of hits, it was nice of you to mention me in relation to your Gipp post. It sounds like those comments had a helluva lot more readers than I get on my blog on my busiest days. ;-)

Larry said...

Congrats. Now your moving toward the big time.

rich said...


Kathy said...

MW, thanks. Did you know that I was inspired by your work (and Libby's too) as bloggers for the DetNews?

LL, don't worry, I always check out ML and leave my 2 cents here and there!

Abi, you should be getting zillions of hits because you write with keen insight and honesty. On the other hand, you don't write about dead celebrities. ;-)

Larry, not big time, but if I can make a tiny bit of difference I'll be happy.

Rich, thank you.