Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Read This - Then Get Out and Vote!

Need a reason to vote? Michigan Caucus sums it up nice and neat:
We're asking you to vote out of spite. That's right, we don't generally give a shit about all the altruistic crap, we're just looking to stuff it up the noses of the liars who been running this country since they installed Bush as their titular head, er, president, and are looking to install a quack "businessman" as the governor of this once progressive state.

Vote because "they" are the assholes and you're not.
Update: If you're still trying to decide how to vote, Eric @ Among the Trees does an excellent job of discussing the ballot and his choices. I thought he did a particularly good job of explaining why he voted for Granholm and not DeVos:
[...] Dick DeVos scares the living daylights out of me. It's not just that he supports cutting revenue without letting us know how he'd pay for crucial government services. It isn't his ties to rightwing Christian organizations devoted to unsecularizing the public square. It isn't his yawning ignorance of science, or his belief that Intelligent Design belongs in the science classroom. It's not that his administration would be an environmental disaster.

It's his Amway past. He made his money from people swindled over the American Dream.
Eric had more to say so click the link to read the rest, and check out his posts from earlier today too for updated information.


mensch71 said...

I went door to door this morning to GOTV and was really impressed with the number of volunteers getting out there. And the people who were giving others rides are awesome.

@ 12:30 p.m., I was Voter #448 in Precinct 19 in Meridian Twp which, according to the poll workers was double last year.

Go Jenny!

Lew Scannon said...

At 3:45 I was the 845th voter at my precinct, so I figured there was about one hundred people an hour, using my fuzzy math.
At 6:45 this evening I received a ROBO call telling me "Dick DeVos needs your vote to save Michigan from liberal judges in Detroit who are helping the Democrats to steal this election". Guess they're really desperate.