Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lessenberry on Nancy Pelosi

Once again, Jack Lessenberry says what the MSM should have been saying right along. This time he's talking about Nancy Pelosi:
For weeks, desperate Republicans have bleated that they needed to keep control of the House of Representatives to save the nation from having Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House. They've done their damnedest to demonize her as a scary, shrill, far-left bitch from hell.

To my mild amazement, this character assassination has gone virtually unchallenged by the sleepwalking national media. In fact, you'd think the media should be going nuts touting Pelosi, the Democrats' first-ever female congressional leader, especially if she is going to be speaker.

Pelosi is clearly smart and savvy; she'd have to be, to get to the top in the male-dominated world of Washington. Not to mention that she is reasonably attractive, always a plus in a world dominated by television.

Don't be surprised if she actually proves to be far more politically skilled than expected, doesn't try to nationalize our toothbrushes, and develops a following of her own. She is, after all, an Italian-American grandmother still on her first marriage, with no track record of e-mails to young boys.
It is curious that the Republicans don't recognize a person with real values, intelligence and integrity when they see one, isn't it? Lessenberry calls it a curious bit of sexism (I agree) or maybe it has something to do with the fact that she makes their man look bad.
Speaking of which, something nearly as mysterious is why the Democrats — and the irreverent media — didn't do more to satirize the current speaker. The embarrassing Dennis Hastert is a grossly fat man who walks like he is determined to prove that man really did evolve from the ape, and that he himself isn't too sure about whether he supports the transition. Barely articulate, shuffling and dim, Hastert has been the weakest speaker in at least a century.

There is a reason for that; he was never meant to be the real speaker at all. Hastert was merely supposed to be the errand boy and front man for Tom DeLay. Once Darth Vader was indicted and had to resign, Hastert was rudderless, taking what clues he could from the Bush White House.

The man who played House speaker on TV clearly didn't have a clue what to do when he was warned one of his tribe was salivating over teenage boys. One might almost wonder if it evoked nostalgic memories of Hastert's days as a high school wrestling coach. Someday, if we are lucky, and the planet isn't destroyed first, and if there is still fresh air and water, your children may ask you what the hell was wrong with the American people in the Bush era. [emphasis added]
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abi said...

"what the hell was wrong with the American people in the Bush era"

Well let's see: Gullible, fearful, egocentric, simplistic, short-sighted, intolerant, indifferent, uninformed...

I don't think we're any different today than at any other point in my lifetime. But no one has taken advantage of our weaknesses nearly as much as this administration has.

Betty Cracker said...

Great points about the treatment of Pelosi and Hastert. I agree with him -- Hastert was unspeakerable!

Anonymous said...

We need your help. House dems might choose a Anti-choice Anti-Stem Cell Speaker.

Kvatch said...

I'd given some thought to comparing Nancy Pelosi to Newt Gingrich, but then it occured to me that it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.