Thursday, November 02, 2006

Michigan Daily: Go With Granholm

From the Daily: Go with Granholm
While Michigan certainly could stand for serious changes, it would be a terrible mistake to assume that the current situation would improve under DeVos's leadership. Indeed, governors have relatively little influence over the performance of a state's economy, particularly in the short term. No matter who wins next Tuesday, the unpleasant reality is that the decay of Michigan's manufacturing base will likely continue.

Although Granholm has often lacked political courage during the past four years, DeVos's extremely conservative social views and unsound plans for running the state represent a dangerous model for change - one Michigan voters should reject.

DeVos would like voters to see him as a successful businessman with the ability and experience to whip Michigan's economy back into shape. While DeVos's large fortune might lend some credence to his claim of business prowess, the pseudo-pyramid scheme business model behind Amway isn't terribly relevant to running a state government. DeVos hopes residents will assume business leadership is wholly transferable to political leadership - perhaps because he has no real experience in government. DeVos sat on the state Board of Education for two years of an eight-year term before resigning, and he quit his seat on the board of Grand Valley State University in 2000 after missing 16 of 27 meetings.[...]

DeVos is simply the wrong man for the job, and the Daily endorses JENNIFER GRANHOLM for governor.
By the way, DeVos has a long history of being a quitter. Check out his resume.

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Cathleen said...

Thanks for pointing this out- I just added it to my big list of endorsements.

Some of these have not been so kind to Granholm, but at least they have the ability to see DeVos for what he really is- unlike the right-wing rags such as the Detroit News and the GR Press.