Thursday, November 02, 2006

The 2006 Student Mock Election

Sorry this is last minute, but I heard from Andrew McFarlane @ Absolute Michigan that his site will be webcasting the student mock election live from Leland School from 9 AM until noon. Leland is also the state site and will be tabulating all the results for all of the Michigan student mock elections. The webcast will also be replayed several times at over the next week or so.

Andrew's daughter is a student at Leland and he says the kids are very proud and excited of how the school looks and what they have been able to set up there. Andy believes that the passion for democracy and citizenship is kindled at a young age and that these mock elections provide fantastic fuel to start that fire.

I agree, Andy. I can remember participating in a mock election when I was young (Margaret Chase Smith was on the ballot, so that tells you how old I am) and it taught me how important it is to read up on the issues and candidates before voting.

Click here to see young democracy in action and show your support.

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Andy said...

Hi Kathy, I just found your great writeup - thanks!!

We updated our coverage with a few stories including one from the local news with video.