Friday, November 03, 2006

Granholm takes 3 to 1 endorsement lead over DeVos

From what I can see, Gov. Granholm is leading her opponent Dick DeVos 3 to 1 in newspaper endorsements. The Alpena News, Petoskey News Review, Grand Haven Tribune, Port Huron Times-Herald and Central Michigan Life all endorsed Governor Granholm yesterday.
Granholm is the best choice...The DeVos campaign has been more about public relations than it has been about issues and specific answers...- The Grand Haven Tribune

Granholm can lead state to better times... As tempting as it may be to replace her, Michigan needs a leader who can speak to more than just business concerns. The state's turnaround must be inclusive - and Granholm stands a better chance of ensuring the state's poor and low-income residents won't bear an inordinate amount of the sacrifice. - Port Huron Times-Herald [emphasis added]

Granholm right choice for governor...Gov. Jennifer Granholm has been good to Northeast Michigan in general and Alpena in particular, and because of that, she receives our endorsement in re-election efforts. - The Alpena News

Choose Granholm: But the reality is it’s not Granholm’s fault. Michigan’s dependence on the dwindling automotive industry has crippled the state’s economy. Plants have shut down; thousands have lost work. In response, Granholm has created a Jobs Fund initiative which will pour more than $2 billion into new sectors including alternative energy and the life sciences. Granholm also inherited a state with a $4 billion deficit and has had to work during her first term to pull ahead. Starting over is not what our state needs. Voters will be investing in the future of Michigan by voting to re-elect Granholm. - Central Michigan Life
It's not just newspapers either. Dozens and dozens of organizations have thrown their endorsements her way too (see the list below). I know some people don't put much stock in endorsements, but when editorial boards and organizations are predominately throwing their support behind Granholm that tells me something - Granholm is the right choice for Michigan.

Michigan Education Association
MI Assoc. of Police Organizations
Detroit Police Officers Association
The Detroit Lieutenants and Sergeants Association
MI State Police Troopers Assoc.
The State Police Command Officers Association
MI Police Labor Council
MI State Police Command Officers Assoc.
Warren Police Officers Assoc.
The Flint Police Officers Association
Triangle Pride PAC
AFT (Formerly the Michigan Federation of Teachers & School Related Personel)
Clean Water Action
Building Trades Council
Int'l Union of Operating Engineers
MI Credit Union League
MI Professional Firefighters Assoc.
MI Regional Council of Carpenters PAC
MI State Building Trades
MI Teamsters
SEIU Michigan State Council
United Auto Workers (UAW)
United Food And Commercial Workers
MI Corrections Org.
Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union
Change to Win
Detroit Federation of Teachers
MI Agri-Business Assoc.
The Black Slate
Polish Citizens for Equality (PACE)
Truth Lutheran Church
Sierra Club
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324
Greater Detroit and Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council
Laborers' International Assoc. of North America
MI Machinists
MI Laborers Assoc.
MI State Employees Assoc.
Plumbers & Pipefitters Assoc.
UFCW Local 878
UFCW Local 951
Unite Here
Sierra Club
Macomb County Elected Officials
MI Nurses Association
National Women's Political Caucus
Midland Gladwin Central Labor Council AFL-CIO
Michigan Concrete Paving Association
MI Equality PAC
Muslim Community PAC


Cathleen said...

Add the Niles Daily Star to the list... it just keeps growing.

I never knew we had so many papers in Michigan. You would think we could get some decent reporting with all these journalists running around.

Johnny C said...

It's great to see her getting this much support this late in the game. You seen the new ad from the Granholm? Up lift music running down the new jobs coming to the state. The good thing about Granholm can spit out new ads til Monday night while Amway Dick has to depend on his same old ones to make a point.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the tip, Cathleen. I never realized we had so many papers either. I think part of the reason we don't see decent journalism is because so many small papers share the same stories from the same sources. I guess it's cheaper than having a staff of their own.

Johnny, yes I saw the new ad for the first time last night, and its about time. DeVos has been running that one showing his endorsements nonstop in my area. Everytime I see it I yell at the TV: Granholm is leading you 3 to 1 in endorsements so give it up already with all these ads. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Governor Granholm did NOT get the endorsement of the MI State Police Trooper's Association. The MSPTA president sent out a senseless news release criticizing DeVos, and as a result a recall effort is now underway to get him thrown out of office.

Johnny C said...


The Amway Dick should stop bragging about the Detroit News one, because people in the city of Detroit know what their political slant is. If Big Bird ran as a Republican Nolan Finley and the Detroit News would endorse him.

I hope these polls don't go to people heads cuz we don't want to relive 1990 all over again.

Kathy said...

Anonymous, I'd like to see a link supporting that fact. I tried finding a source to back up that claim without success.

Johnny C, thanks for the laugh. That Big Bird analogy was pretty funny. I agree with you though about the DetNews. No one ever expected them to support Granholm. They're Michigan's version of Fox News - along with WXYZ.