Monday, November 06, 2006

Extremism Splits Michigan Republicans

There's a far-right insurgency taking place in Michigan according to Hans Johnson at In These Times and it's being nurtured by Dick & Betsy DeVos, Mike Cox, Gary Glenn and Tim Walberg - Michigan's own version of the Taliban.
Middle America Confronts Its Own Taliban - Extremism Splits Michigan Republicans

One decade ago, in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, Michigan took a critical look at the extremists in its midst. The Michigan Militia, to which bomber Tim McVeigh and accessory Terry Nichols had connections, threatened in 1994 to launch a statewide antigay ballot measure, led by adherent George Matousek. But scrutiny followed, the measure fizzled and the militia fell apart. Matousek—who bragged of his large stash of guns as well as his membership in the John Birch Society, the racist Christian Identity movement and the Republican Party—passed away in late October near Bay City. Now another group of extremists with an ominous track record and no plan for economic development is seeking legitimacy and power.

The state is struggling to renew its economy after several manufacturing hits in the Bush years. To stop the exodus of talented, fair-minded professionals from the state, leaders at every level, especially Republicans, must take a clear look at what’s happening to their state and its image. They should approach defeating religious extremists as both a moral and community imperative and as an economic development issue.

Indeed, Michigan Republicans have a choice. They can confront the Taliban in their ranks and show them the door, or they can look on as Democrats tie them to scapegoating and stagnation, turn them out of office, and take the lead in keeping educated young people and entrepreneurs in the state. [all emphasis added]
Tomorrow's election will determine more than our next governor - it will also determine whether or not the extremists gain even more control. God help us if that happens.


Lew Scannon said...

I had a girlfriend once who worked with a wife of one of these people, and they talked of how they were going to take over the country and kill the president (this was when Clinton was in office), and it was only a matter of time. These are some scary people.

pissed off patricia said...

These are people who used to be called crazy people and they were put away so they didn't hurt themselves or anyone else. Now they creep around under the cloak of religion. Fucking shame they have as much power as they do and that they are being used to take our country down a very dark and dangerous road.

Sounds like Michigan Repubs had better make the right decisions or lose their sanity forever.

Nick said...

Wow, I had seen the article about DeVos's buddies, the Dominionists, and this merely reaffirms his extremist tendencies. I truly hope and trust that everyone gets out the vote tomorrow and sends this bunch far away from any government office or any institution with influence.