Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wealthy Republican to Challenge Sen. Byrd

Just what our country needs, another multimillionaire businessman in Washington. Seriously, is our nation a democracy or a plutocracy?
A multimillionaire businessman entered the GOP race to challenge Sen. Robert C. Byrd yesterday, hoping to deny the 88-year-old incumbent Democrat a record ninth term.

John Raese, 55, said he would campaign on a platform touting free enterprise and reduced regulation, among other issues. "What I'm going to run on is a rebirth of capitalism," he said.

The REBIRTH of capitalism? The last time I checked, capitalism was alive and well and kicking the crap out of our democratic process.

Interesting enough, Raese also has ties to several mainstream media outlets. His business interests include The Dominion Post of Morgantown, the West Virginia Radio Corp., which owns 15 radio stations, and the MetroNews radio network serving 56 stations. I'm sure those interests will certainly provide fair and balanced coverage during his campaign. Yeah, right.


abi said...

The REBIRTH of capitalism?

I had the same reaction as you when I read what Raese said. But I think what he meant to say was a rebirth of 19th century, unchecked Dickensonian capitalism.

Kathy said...

Abi, I'm afraid you're probably right, which isn't too encouraging. I thought we were living in the worst of times (for the poor and middle class) and the best of times (for the rich) now.

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