Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Say No to DNC Donations

The Democratic National Committee called me this morning and asked if I could contribute $100 dollars to help move the Democratic agenda forward. This was my not too lady-like response:
I will not contribute another dime to Democrats until they get their shit together on passing health care reform that includes a public option.
What is the matter with Democrats? Voters handed them a mandate for change and they're wimping out on us. Quit listening to the teabaggers, deathers, Blue Dogs, and people like Grassley, Betsy McCaughey and Dick Armey and his Freedom Works. They don't represent the majority of Americans who say we should have the option of government-run health insurance.

They don't represent the majority of Americans who took this CNN poll. (Results as of 9:30 a.m. this morning.)

public ins option

And they don't represent the one in four Americans who now call health care the nation's most important problem - up from 16% a month ago and 6% a year ago.

Consider this tough love, Dems. I can't show my displeasure at the ballot box until next year, but I can - and I will - stop enabling your bad behavior. When you're ready to start talking about public health insurance again, I'll consider making a donation, but until then you're on your own.


Steven said...

Good for you!

captainkona said...


They send me mail all the time and I usually reply blasting Tim Kaine for not pushing the PO or HR 676.
The guy is worthless.

I have a good feeling about reform passing the way it should, but in the future we will likely look back and see replacing Dr. Dean with the likes of Kaine as one of Obama's more prolific mistakes.

Kathy said...

Thanks, Steven.

Captainkona, I think Dean was a better choice too, and we could definitely use a little "screaming" right now.

I hope you're right about reform passing the way it should. I'm not as optimistic.

K. said...

Agree. Two things are apparent:

1. The Republicans will be of no help no matter how watered-down a bill becomes.

2. The worst enemies of a public option are Blue Dog Dems and just plain cowardly Dems.

Rank-and-file Democrats must make it clear that health care reform without a public option is not reform.