Thursday, August 27, 2009

The "Real Death Panels"

Americans United for Change takes on the "death panel" myth conservatives continue to push by pointing to the real culprits. Hint: It's not the government.
Americans United for Change unveiled a new television ad today called “Real Death Panels” that turns the table on the thoroughly debunked myth advanced by conservative politicians and pundits -- that ‘death panels’ are part of President Obama’s proposal for health insurance reform – by spotlighting the real death panels that exist in America today: private insurance companies that routinely deny claims made by policy holders or refuse to issue policies altogether, citing “pre-existing conditions,” with sometimes deadly consequences.

In a press release from Jeremy Funk, Press Secretary of Americans United for Change, he points out that “Conservative politicians and pundits will do anything to keep the “death panels” fantasy alive as part of an unscrupulous and concerted effort to kill health insurance reform. But where’s the hysteria from these same conservatives over the real death panels that exist right now in America with the big insurance companies denying millions of claims made by policy holders or refusing to issue policies altogether, citing “pre-existing’’ conditions?"

Some related info:

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JollyRoger said...

I was just stunned the other night. A Rushpubliscum parrot suggested that under a national healthcare system my mother in law would have been "given some pills and sent home to die." About 15 minutes later, I learned of Huck's remarks.

Collectively, they sin't got enough brain to power a 15 watt light bulb for 5 minutes. The Rushpubliscum Party makes LaRouche look like a deeply thoughtful moderate.

Kathy said...

Jolly, I read about Huckabee's comment. And to think he's a minister! It's one thing to disagree about health care reform based on facts, but inventing lies to scare people is downright despicable.