Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who Do Americans Trust On Health Care Reform?

Gallup asked Americans who they trust to make the right recommendations on health care reform. Guess who came in last. Republicans. Behind insurance companies!


Why don't Americans trust Republicans? Possibly because they continue to peddle lies and scare stories (socialism, socialism!).

Or because the Medicare Advantage program they rammed through during Bush's first term will give insurance companies "an estimated $177 billion in excess payments over 10 years to compete with Medicare - subsidies that Obama would sensibly cut to help pay for health care reform."

Or because Republicans blocked Medicare from negotiating for lower drug prices, blocked importing drugs from Canada or Mexico, and argued that competition would lower prices. How did that work out?
Today, seniors pay 60% more for the same drugs than the price charged veterans because the Veteran's Administration does negotiate lower prices.
Republicans just aren't credible. They had an opportunity to do something good for seniors and they blew it, choosing instead to side with powerful pharmaceutical lobbyists.

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