Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A reason to be thankful for Mike Bishop (snark)

I thought Sen. Mike Bishop (R-MI) was over-the-top when he censored BFM from senate computers for saying bad things about him, but Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-NY) makes him look almost rational. Kuhl has been under pressure from protesters lately for his continued support of Bush's war policy, but his thoughts on how to deal with them sends shivers down my spine.

From the
Huffington Post:
In an interview yesterday with the editorial board of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Kuhl said he has "thought about packing" firearms to fend off protesters:

"Kuhl said that he wasn't at his offices when the protesters in Bath and Fairport were there. When I asked him if he had ever protested, he said "Yes, when I walked off the floor in Congress recently." I asked if that means he thinks the protesters have a right to do so and he again said "yes, just not over the line." He said that the types of protests have caused him to rethink security at his offices and that means securing doors. He said they are "more protective now" and that he "thought about packing."" [emphasis mine]
Just how "over the line" were those protesters that Kuhl is considering carrying a gun? You be the judge.


abi said...

I don't blame Kuhl for packing. What a scary gang of wolves. Did you see the guy with the Che Guevara beret?

And how clever of them to disguise themselves as a bunch of docile old folks. But they couldn't hide their far-left vitriol. Did you hear the fire in that speaker's voice? I haven't heard such venomous hate speech since watching Hitler on those old newsreels.

Moving on . . .


Kathy said...

Abi, my thoughts exactly! I'd also add that Kuhl should take his pent up testosterone and volunteer to serve in Iraq.