Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. was hospitalized Monday after suffering a seizure. He underwent a thorough neurological evaluation and is expected to make a full recovery. Roberts' medical workup probably included “a good M.R.I., CAT scan and EEG.” How fortunate that Roberts has federal health insurance to cover his hospitalization, tests and ongoing care.

We should all be so lucky.
The U.S. is the richest country in the world, so there's no reason we shouldn't all have health care, living wages, secure retirements, etc. It all boils down to "Priorities" according to WorkingLife TV's inaugural film, a documentary filmed during the first few days of John Edwards' Road to One America poverty tour.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to inform you but anyone can walk or roll into an emergency room and get complete care as did John Roberts in an emergency. When you are having a seizure, they don't stop and check your medical card before processing you. Law requires you be cared for - no matter what. Had anyone been taken to a hospital in his condition, they would have done the same testing on him. Stop playing the Edwards "two America cards". It doesn't fly here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, sorry to inform you but just because a person can walk into an ER room and get care, it doesn't mean the care will be free like it was to Roberts who gets his insurance from the government. My son lost his job last year and it took him 10 months to find another fulltime job, during which time he didn't have insurance. Disaster struck and he developed a kidney stone and had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctor ordered two MRI tests because the first was inconclusive and they sent him home with pain medication. The bill for this emergency visit came to more than $5500. He didn't have that much in savings and he doesn't own a credit card so the hospital worked out a payment plan for him to pay them back $200 per month till the bill is paid. That's a hefty bill for a young person like him trying to build a future. He wasn't a lazy person, he was only between jobs through no fault of his own. It's no wonder so many Americans are forced to file for bankruptcy based on their medical bills. There should be health coverage for all people regardless of who they are. Getting back to Roberts, I doubt he even paid a copay or deductible. There are "two Americas" but people like you are too ignorant to see that.

Larry said...

Only the powerful and elite enjoy healthcare that most Americans do not enjoy.

In fact millions do not enjoy any.

abi said...

Save your breath, Anon#2. Anon#1 is probably informed enough to be well aware of the high percentage of bankruptcies caused by lack of insurance. He just doesn't give a damn.

Many years ago I went to the Sloan Kettering hospital in NY for a second opinion on a diagnosis. My Massachusetts health insurance didn't cover me in NY. Before the hospital would let me see a doctor, I had to sign an agreement that if I defaulted on payment, they had the right to take anything and everything I owned, up to and including my house, to cover any unpaid balance.

You can bet Roberts doesn't worry about little annoyances like that.

Kathy said...

Larry, read the post above this one about Leon Drolet, a former state representative. He is one of the privileged politicos who enjoys FREE health care after a paltry 6 years in office. Our displaced auto workers should be so lucky.

Abi, great answer to Anon#1. You and millions of others (myself included) have experienced firsthand how inconsistent, expensive and frustrating trying to get health care can be. There is no reason on earth a person should face losing their home in order to get treatment.