Thursday, July 19, 2007

Republicans in the Twilight Zone

Following their vote yesterday to remain in Iraq indefinitely, the NY Times says Republicans are trapped in the twilight zone.

Twilight Zone Filibusters
Republicans have the right to filibuster under centuries-old rules that this page has long defended. It is the height of hypocrisy for this band of Republicans to use that power since only about two years ago they were ready to unilaterally ban filibusters to push through some of Mr. Bush’s most ideologically blinkered judicial nominees.

But beyond that, the Republicans are doing the public a real disservice and playing an increasingly risky hand by delaying sober consideration of the war. [...]

In postponing real action to September and beyond, Republicans laughed off the all-night debate as a “slumber party” of “twilight zone” theatrics by the Democrats. In fact, Bush loyalists seem trapped in the twilight zone, ducking their responsibility to represent constituents by applying credible pressure on the president to come up with an end to his sorry war.
While Republicans remain in the twilight zone, the rest of the country lives with the reality they've created, which explains these results from a poll taken yesterday by CBS/NYT:

61% Say Congress Shouldn't Fund War Without Timetable For Withdrawal


abi said...

I love it when the law-and-order crowd hides behind legal technicalities rather that face the meat of an issue, whether it be using a filibuster to run away from actually having to cast a vote about withdrawal, or a judge who throws out the Valerie Plame lawsuit due to a jurisdiction issue instead of the actual merits of her case.

And tomorrow they'll gasp in righteous indignation if an accused criminal gets off for not being read his rights. Cowards and hypocrites.

Schuggy said...

The end result is inevitable...regardless of when you pull out today or 10 years from now. The die has been cast and the result is predetermined and the American Troops can't stay forever and if you know anything about the culture of the middle east than you would know that these people are patient in settling old scores.

The Middle Easterners have the ability to wait the Americans out...there is too much oil money on the table and the parties are willing to fight for control. So, staying is not really an option because the Arabs, Kurds and Turks are forming their plans and they will wait the Americans Out and then get it on. Its inevitable and George W. Bush set these events in motion.

The GOP willingness to stay is rooted in the ability not to admit maybe this was a mistake to begin with. That's when pride overrides logic in your decision making process.

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Kathy said...

Abi, you nailed it on the head, but let me add just one more adjective - hypocrites.

Schuggy, you're right about the culture of the ME. Sen. Schumer said basically the same thing during the all-night filibuster. He said the Shias, Sunnis and Kurds have been enemies for ions and their problems have to be worked out amongst themselves, our presence only makes it worse.

I wonder at the unwillingness of the GOP to admit they were wrong. It's not just Bush going into the history books as the worst president ever, they'll be right alongside him as enablers.