Monday, July 23, 2007

A question for Rep. Vern Ehlers

Lew Scannon wrote his representative, Vern Ehlers (R) MI, and asked him to get behind Rep. Kucinich's call for impeachment. In his letter, Lew asks Ehlers a question that deserves serious consideration.
Our political system has a series of checks and balances to prevent the types of abuses that the current administration is involved in. So I ask of you: Which is more important, the constitution and the country it protects, or the party for which you belong?
If you say the former, than I urge you to contact Rep Conyers and agree to start impeachment proceedings. Then, if there is just cause for impeachment, I ask you to vote for it, just as I would expect you to vote against it if there is no cause.
If you say the latter, then I hope you remember this missive when in the future, another president continues the arrogant abuses first conceived by the current administration, and your children, or perhaps your grandchildren ask you why our country has strayed so far from it's original intentions, that you had an oppurtunity to stop this now, but chose instead to be loyal to your party moreso than to the constitution you swore to uphold. Thank you. [emphasis added]
I hope Lew shares Ehler's response, although I'm not optimistic that Ehlers will do what's right for the country and our constitution. Can you say rubber-stamp?


abi said...

That's a great question that goes right to the heart of it. And aside from the gobbledegook doubletalk that Lew will surely get in response (as I got from my rep on this subject), the answer is abundantly evident from the actions of the partisans in congress, not their words.

Lew Scannon said...

Rest assured, that if I do get a response, it will be properly dissected at my blog.

Larry said...

Cindy Sheehan was arrested today in front of Conyers office for protesting the lack of impeachment.

Pelosi and Reid need removed in order to impeach Bush.

We elected them to stop the war and stop Bush.

Instead they funded the war, and are protecting Bush from impeachemnt.

Pelosi and Reid must also go.

Larry said...

"We are a nation of sheep, and
someone else owns the grass."

George Carlin

Quote of the Week!

Kathy said...

Abi, I know what you mean about gobbledegook. I wrote Sen. Stabenow after Bush pardoned Fibby Libby and basically said the Senate had to do something, anything, to get the man out of office. Last week I received an answer from her that talked about Iraq, not a mention of impeachment. Sigh...and I like Stabenow.

Lew, I'll be watching for it, but even though Ehlers is a moderate Republican, I'm not hopeful he'll put our country ahead of politics.

Larry, I love the Carlin quote. I always did like that hippy, dippy weatherman. ;-)