Monday, February 09, 2009

Americans approve of Obama's handling of the stimulus bill

Republicans are feeling pretty smug about their Taliban-like disruptive tactics in opposing the president's stimulus package, but it turns out a majority of Americans see things differently. h/t Gallup
The American public gives President Barack Obama a strong 67% approval rating for the way in which he is handling the government's efforts to pass an economic stimulus bill, while the Democrats and, in particular, the Republicans in Congress receive much lower approval ratings of 48% and 31%, respectively.

gallup poll

Americans understand the seriousness of this situation because they're living with the results of eight years of Republican trickle down economics. The bottom line:
President Obama would appear to have the upper hand in the current focus on Congress' efforts to pass a major economic stimulus bill. Not only does Obama get much higher approval ratings for the way in which he is handling the stimulus issue than do either the Democrats or, in particular, the Republicans in Congress, but a majority of Americans agree with him that passing such a bill is critically important for improving the nation's economy.
Critical is the key word. Americans want action, Republicans want to play games with our lives.

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Ryan said...

Hi, I like the fact that he is acting quickly while in office. If he can make quick and definite decisions it shows that he has one aspect of a positive personality. Now we'll have to see if these are good decisions.


Anonymous said...

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LadyJ said...

Looking at that quote..."Americans approve of Obama's handling...."
I'm an American and I don't approve. I'm not in the Gallup Poll, frankly don't know anyone who is. In a straw poll of many friends, not a single one approves of the stimulus bill or the handling of it.
This is serious business. It will put our grandkids in the position of having to pay off this bill. Much more due diligence is needed. This is not time for another quick fix; the last one didn't work and this won't either without more thought and less pork.

Kvatch said...

Republicans want to play games with our lives.

They're not the only ones. Obama needs to remind Congressional Democrats who-the-f*ck won the election while they enjoy the lowest approval ratings of any Congress in modern times.

Time to play hardball and time for an end to Obama's conciliatory approach.

Kathy said...

Kvatch, I'm all for a little hardball too, but I'm finding that most people I talk to approve of Obama's attempts at bipartisanship.

On the other hand, they don't feel he's obligated to keep trying if the GOP is just going to obstruct everything that comes along.

Anonymous said...
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