Thursday, January 17, 2008

John Edwards in the race till the convention

John Edwards may not have placed first in any of the earlier primaries, but he is not planning on quietly fading away according to his campaign manager David Bonior. He told The Huffington Post, "we're in this all the way, not only through February 5th, but into June and into the convention and picking up delegates all the way."

It's no secret that I support Edwards, but I've been increasingly concerned that without a first place finish he wouldn't stand a chance. Huffington Post correspondent Marc Cooper gave me a reason to be optimistic:
There may be more than standard campaign bravado behind Bonior's bold prediction. Edwards, in fact, doesn't have to win the nomination in order to win a similarly striking victory. If neither Obama nor Clinton can win a clean majority of nominating delegates going into the late summer Democratic convention, and if Edwards can keep scoring at least in the double-digits throughout the primaries, he could wind up with enough delegates to empower him as kingmaker, as the candidate with enough convention floor votes to sway the nomination to whom he pleases.

It's hardly a strategy that Bonior would confirm. But neither would he deny it when asked directly by the HuffPost. "I can tell you this much," Bonior said. "We're going to be marching into that convention with a whole lot of delegates."
Unfortunately, to keep Edwards in the race, he'll need money, lots of it, and that's why Edwards' supporters are asking people to donate to his campaign on Friday, January 18, and help him raise $7 million dollars. Come on Democrats, don't let Ron Paul supporters show us up! Help Edwards even if you're a Hillary or Barack fan by donating whatever you can afford. Just click on the picture below or donate at


philgoblue said...

I'm in Kathy!

abi said...

You're making me put my money where my mouth is. Ok, fine, but you have no idea how much I hate spending money.

Edwards is far behind in the polls in South Carolina. That's bad news - I thought he'd do better there. But your post is right. If he can stay in the race and collect enough delegates, he can name the candidate (ie, Obama) and hopefully secure an influential administration post if Obama wins in November.

Kathy said...

Phil, thanks! Edwards thanks you too!

Abi, sometimes you have to open your wallet to let the fresh air in! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have not decided who I like, but I sure like the insight into Edwards your blog brings. From what I know of Michigan (and thats very little), I can see him being just what you guys need in a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, he'll be a kingmaker and not a queenmaker, if you know what I mean.

Kathy said...

Stephen, if you check out Edwards website, you'll find he's a champion for the poor too. I know that's an important issue to you. Who seems to be leading the polls in Texas?

Ron, from what I've been reading, it looks like Edwards is siding with Obama more and could throw his delegate votes behind him. However, he could use that as leverage with Clinton to get a good position within her administration too. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.