Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My "Pure Michigan" Moment

I spent the weekend with my family at a campground near Jackson enjoying nature and sitting around the campfire. We had a great time. The weather was perfect - hot days and cool nights - and we never had to use our bug spray even once to ward off the mosquitoes! It can't get much better than that, but it did. A hot air balloon club out of Stockbridge spent the weekend entertaining us while they practiced maneuvers over the water. It was a "Pure Michigan" moment.

I took dozens of pictures so I thought I'd share a few with you.

I've never been in a hot air balloon because I'm not crazy about heights or water, (don't laugh... I even wear a life jacket when I ride on a pontoon boat) but after watching this group all weekend, I just might get up the courage to try it someday. How about you?


mensch71 said...

Hey Kathy! Great photos. Would it be OK if I used one for my desktop background? (JPowers155 from ML)

Cathleen said...

Wow, beautiful pictures!

Yes, been in a balloon. It is a blast, you have to try it sometime. They move slow, you get acclimated to the height gradually that way- and to look at the land from up there is heaven.

Give it a try- you will like it!

Kathy said...

Mensch71, absolutely, feel free to use any of the pictures. Glad you liked them.

Cathleen, you're a brave soul! I just might give it a try someday, but it would definitely have to be over dry land!

abi said...

Great pictures, Kathy. But not as great as the ones you'll take from inside the gondola. A word of advice - trade in your life jacket for a parachute. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I don't know where Jackson is, but for years the Frogette has been teasing me with tales of the beauty and charm of the U.P. I'm hoping we'll go soon.

Larry said...

Nice shots, and a nice way to end the summer.

SearchCz said...

michigan.org is looking for stories like this ... from their fall eNewsletter:

"Tell us about your favorite Michigan travel experience. Share the romance, the excitement, the magic, everything that is Pure Michigan."

Check it out and please feel free to pass it along!


Kathy said...

Abi, if I take a balloon ride, I'll be wearing a parachute and a life jacket!!

Kvatch, Jackson is in SW Michigan, but if you have a chance to visit the U.P. I highly recommend it. The beauty and majesty of Lake Superior and our forests will take your breath away. Your wife knows what she's talking about!

Larry, it was absolutely a great way to end the summer.

Searchcz, thanks for the tip about michigan.org. I'll be sure to pass my experience along.