Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I have a favor to ask everyone, please...

Could you take a moment out of your day to read the information I'm passing along and click the link below? I posted something about Seedlings nearly two years ago if you'd like more background. Debra Bonde's non-profit organization in Livonia, MI depends entirely on fundraisers and donations. Seedlings provides braille books to blind children and works to promote the cause of braille literacy and the $10,000 prize money would really help her continue her work. Voting ends Sept. 7th. Thank you.

Debra Bonde, Director of SEEDLINGS BRAILLE BOOKS FOR CHILDREN, is a finalist for a National Award, and we need your vote! The 2007 “Stand On A Better World” Award, presented by Mannington Mills, recognizes and celebrates women who make a difference in the lives of others.

Between August 15 and September 7, go to

for more information about the award and to cast your vote for Debra Bonde & SEEDLINGS BRAILLE BOOKS (in the National category)!

Your vote could help Seedlings Braille Books for Children win $10,000 and bring some much-needed publicity to the cause of braille literacy.

Seedlings is a small nonprofit organization that Debra started in her basement in Detroit in 1984. Since then she has sent out over 240,000 braille books to children all across the US and Canada.

For more information, see:

Please note: Only one vote is allowed per computer & per email address. They send you a confirming email, and you must click the link in this email to confirm your vote or it doesn't count (some people have found the email in their spam folders so don't forget to look there)! The deadline is this Friday, September 7th!

If you have already voted, we thank you. If you can think of a few people to forward this to (or listservs to post this to), we would truly appreciate it!

With gratitude,

The Seedlings Staff



mensch71 said...

What a great thing! I'm going to pass this along to everyone I know.

Kathy said...

Thanks so much, Mensch71. Every vote helps.