Monday, February 19, 2007

Taypayer Money Helps DeVos

The Muskegon Chronicle had this to say about our state GOP naysayers:
State Republicans aren't letting a little thing like an election defeat end their ongoing blockade of Gov. Jennifer Granholm's attempts to stabilize the state budget. [...]

Probably, Dick and Betsy DeVos, and maybe John Engler, are cheering them on. Michigan voters didn't elect any of that trio to lead our state this dark and depressing year, but they sure seem to be in charge nonetheless.
I think the Chronicle is probably right. The DeVos family is one of the largest contributors to the Republican Party and they've been trying to influence politics behind the scenes for years. The fact that they and state Republicans are calling for even deeper cuts - instead of a 2% service tax to stabilize the budget - is kind of funny considering the fact that taxpayers are helping Daddy DeVos build a new stadium for his basketball team in Orlando.

Happytown is not too happy. Foul cried one journalist.
The only reason the city is building a new arena is that the Magic demanded it. Yet all they are willing to contribute is 10 percent. Someone should have called foul.
Is arena deal too good to Magic? asked another.
Critics charge that local taxpayers will get shortchanged in the pending $480 million deal. That's because the team stands to gain huge profits -- perhaps tens of millions more than it earns now -- from selling luxury suites, premium seats, advertising and more.
And Living in Fantasyland is how another journalist summed it up.
Yes, we all know that billionaire team owners have been raking taxpayers across the coals for decades in this country. But as most of your kindergarten teachers used to tell you: Just because someone else is doing something wrong doesn't mean it's OK for you to do it, too.
As long as taxpayers keep letting them get away with it, rich Republicans will keep on trying, and DeVos is no different. The only time Republicans hate taxes is when they can't use them for personal profit.

Orlando taxpayers can take some solace from this fact though:
The Magic will control the construction of the new arena. This will enable them to cut corners so as to avoid any cost overruns for which they would be responsible.

Under the city’s contract, however, the Magic have to follow the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance. Which means Magic owner/fundie weirdo Rich DeVos can’t refuse to hire gays to build his new pleasure palace! (He also can’t refuse to hire blacks, Hispanics, midgets, Wiccans, atheists or disgruntled Amway customers.)
That's priceless.


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