Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dale Kildee Opposed to Troop Escalation

Here's an update on Rep. Kildee's position on troop escalation that I wrote about a few weeks back. I'm impressed at the quick response I received. Thank you, Congressman.

I don't want to misquote him, so here's his letter word for word:
January 26, 2007

Thank you for expressing your opposition to President Bush's proposal to send thousands of additional U.S. combat troops to Iraq. I agree that our troops should be withdrawn from Iraq as soon as practical.

That is why I will support Congressional resolutions of disapproval of the President's proposed escalation of the American combat operations in Iraq. We should turn all combat operations in Iraq over to the Iraq security forces, leaving the minimum of U.S. troops needed to support and train the Iraq forces.

Moreover, I voted against the war resolution that authorized the President in October 2002 to use military force against Iraq. I did not believe the President and his advisors had provided the Congress and the American people with clear answers to several crucial questions which I asked during debate on the resolution authorizing the invasion of Iraq:
** What was the nature and urgency of the Iraqi threat to the U.S.?
** What was the mission of our troops?
** How much international support would we have?
** What is the exit strategy to withdraw our troops from Iraq when their mission is concluded?
** Would U.S. military action against Iraq diminish terrorism or increase it?

Years later, and the President still has not adequately answered my questions. I am convinced that my vote against the war was and is the correct course. The occupation of Iraq was a mistake from the very beginning that was further exacerbated by incompetent leadership from the White House and the civilian officials in the Pentagon. You may be assured that I will continue to support efforts to bring our American troops home from Iraq at the earliest practical time.

Dale E. Kildee, M.C.
That last paragraph says it all. Those GOP Senators who blocked debate on a bipartisan resolution opposing President Bush’s troop buildup should heed his words or pay the price in 2008.

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