Saturday, February 04, 2006

So Much for "Intelligent" Predictions

Which team loves America more? The Seahawks or the Steelers?

This may be disappointing to my family and friends in Pittsburgh - and certainly to Sen. Santorum - but Spurious George used intelligent design to come up with this answer:
Proving that intelligent design trumps monkey science every time, we have proven that the Seattle Seahawks love America more than the Pittsburgh Steelers, and thus, will win tomorrow’s game.

I almost found myself agreeing with these findings, especially with this one:
"I’d be less than honest if I didn’t mention their colors have me questioning Pittsburgh’s manhood. I mean, why black and yellow? Yellow conjures up images of being chicken; is America chicken? Hell, no!"

But then, upon closer inspection, I noticed Spurious George resides in Florida - famous for one fixed presidential election, Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris. Sorry, Spurious, but your prediction doesn't carry much weight to us blue staters who play by the rules fair and square - and use monkey science to count our votes.

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