Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Save American Jobs: Boycott Chase Bank

This is cross-posted from Emptywheel. Marcy Wheeler is asking everyone to help save American jobs by boycotting Chase Bank.
JP Morgan Chase wants to push Chrysler into bankruptcy so it can jump the line ahead of retirees and US taxpayers to get paid back.

If JP Morgan Chase does that, 300,000 people will lose their jobs.

That's sorry thanks we get from a company that has gotten $25 billion in TARP funds from American taxpayers--plus billions more in other benefits from the Wall Street bailout.

My husband and I decided the only way to pressure JP Morgan Chase to negotiate in good faith with Chrysler was to close our Chase accounts. We want our money to go to a bank that is investing in rebuilding Michigan--not bankrupting it.

Now, FDL and Progress Michigan are calling on others to join our Chase boycott.

Sign the petition

Join the FaceBook group

Find your Michigan Chase branch and close your account

Explain why you're closing your account
Michigan resident and progressive radio host Nancy Skinner is joining the boycott and closing her accounts. She'll have Jane Hamsher on her show today, at 3PM ET, to talk about this action. You can listen in here.

One other thing: PASS THIS ALONG and ask your friends and family to take action.

(If you're reading this and don't live in Michigan, it doesn't matter. These job losses won't be confined to Michigan alone, so find your branch, close your account and/or sign the petition.)

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