Monday, September 29, 2008

Will McCain denounce violence against Muslims?

The Clarion Fund must be proud of the effect their movie "Obsession" produced.
Friday, September 26th ended a week in which thousands of copies of Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West -- the fear-mongering, anti-Muslim documentary being distributed by the millions in swing states via DVDs inserted in major newspapers and through the U.S. mail -- were distributed by mail in Ohio. The same day, a "chemical irritant" was sprayed through a window of the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton, where 300 people were gathered for a Ramadan prayer service. The room that the chemical was sprayed into was the room where babies and children were being kept while their mothers were engaged in prayers.
This isn't an isolated incident either.
A four-state fire at an Islamic Mosque is labeled as a religious hate crime by federal agents in what they call an attack on religious freedom. The Carl Junction fire department responded to this sign on fire early Thursday morning in south Joplin. The sign reads Islamic Society of Joplin in both English and Arabic and belongs to an Islamic mosque. The FBI has now taken over the investigation due to evidence which leads authorities to believe this was in fact a hate crime.
Those were recent, overt acts of hatred, but some of the bias is more subtle and has been percolating for sometime now: Muslim Group Reports Jump in Workplace Bias Complaints
According to the study, discrimination in the workplace against those already employed increased by 18 percent, with 384 cases reported in 2006 and 452 cases reported in 2007. There was also a 34 percent increase in reports of discrimination against those seeking employment.
This is vile, despicable behavior. Americans are better than this. We don't defile places where other people worship. We don't use violence against people we disagree with. We don't attack innocent children.

I blame the Republicans and John McCain for this violence and hate-mongering, and since McCain is the appointed head of their party at this point, he needs to step up and forcefully denounce these people and their actions - including the Clarion Fund - before someone ends up dead.

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JollyRoger said...

The Klanservatives couldn't win a township election without their bigotry. What else are they going to run on-their record?

Lew Scannon said...

Intolerance is the cornerstone of the Republican platform. Gays, Muslims, minorities, Democrats and liberals are all to blame for all out problems.

abi said...

I agree with Lew, Kathy. Americans should be better than that, but I'm afraid lots of us are haters at heart, and Republicans cater to that demographic.

Kathy said...

Abi, you're right, Republicans do cater to that demographic, but I'm hopeful we'll be seeing less of that behavior in the future. Young people are more tolerant of race, gender, religion, etc., than our generation was and they're helping to neutralize the Republican's hateful ways.