Thursday, July 24, 2008

Should we throw a pity party for McCain?

Poor John McCain. It's no secret he has a "lack of enthusiasm" problem. For example, while Obama was overseas drawing crowds wherever he went, McCain was in Scranton, Pennsylvania drawing flies small turnouts.
According to a video report posted by Scranton, Pennsylvania's Times-Leader, John McCain's town hall event in Wilkes-Barre earlier today featured an underwhelming turnout -- more than half the seats were empty. About seven hundred folks showed up -- a decent sized crowd, perhaps, but it left nine hundred seats empty.
Contrast that to Obama's visit to Wilkes-Barre in April, when more than two thousand people attended and the fire department had to turn people away.

Obama isn't McCain's only problem. Republican Ron Paul is generating quite a bit of enthusiasm among his followers too.
Ron Paul, the former Republican presidential candidate, and his followers have been making plans for their own mini convention when his party gathers in St. Paul to nominate Senator John McCain. Except the Paul-ite gathering is no longer so mini.

Due to popular demand, as the saying goes, Mr. Paul had to scrap plans to hold his event at the nearly 15,000-capacity Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota. Instead, his “Rally for Liberty” will move to the Target Center in Minneapolis, which can hold up to 18,000.
To add insult to injury, Grover Norquist is scheduled to appear at the event. Hmm...Norquist recently said he was happy with McCain, although it's well-known he's been a big critic of him in the past.
Norquist has regularly denounced McCain as a fraud, a flip-flopper, and, on one occasion, a nut job.
Of course, there was no love on McCain's side either. He's condemned Norquist as corrupt and a shill for dictators, and McCain has even refused to sign the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge.

So, even though the two men are telling the public they're BFFs, it sure sounds like Norquist is less enthusiastic about McCain than he's led us to believe. I almost feel sorry for old John McCain - almost.


K. said...

Have you been reading Doonesbury this week? It's along the same lines as your post. In today's strip, the only celebrities they can find to appear with him are Wilfred Brimley and Stephen Baldwin.

Kathy said...

K, I haven't caught Doonesbury lately but I'll definitely check him out. Garry Trudeau has always been a favorite of mine.

K. said...

My father says that Trudeau is a national treasure. Go to and read from the beginning of the week. You'll get a kick out of it.

abi said...

McCain recently made a trip to New Hampshire, and exactly one (1) reporter was at the airport to meet him.

I can't believe the polls are this close.

Lew Scannon said...

John McCain can't help it if he's a lightening rod for dullness. That's why he keeps changing his position, he's hoping that eventually one of them will draw voters to hear him speak.

Larry said...

The poor Old Deranged one just can't find a neocon that he can love.

At least he has the phony James Dobson who earlier claimed he would never vote for the nut.

Kathy said...

Abi, only one reporter showed up? No wonder McCain has been acting so testy lately. ;-)

Lew, I have to hand it to the old codger, he sure can flip back and forth a guy his age. :-)

Larry, James Dobson is desperately trying to remain relevant.

Note to everyone:

Sorry I haven't been answering comments or posting in a timely fashion. I have lots going on in my personal life that's keeping me distracted. The big distraction is that my mother was recently put into hospice. It wasn't totally unexpected, but it still has me on an emotional roller coaster. If you're so inclined, please say a prayer for me and my family.


dmarks said...

Ron Paul is working hard to help ensure an Obama victory, just as Ralph Nader is campaigning hard on behalf of McCain.

Stephen Baldwin? I get all of them mixed up. Except for the evil brother, Alec.