Friday, May 23, 2008

Let's Go Red Wings!

The Detroit Red Wings face the Pittsburgh Penguins in game one of the Stanley Cup playoffs tomorrow. The Free Press believes the Wings will win in six. Yahoo Sports says the Wings will get the job done in five games because Detroit has the experience, special teams and goaltending.

I call it for the Wings too, but I have to admit I'm a wee bit worried for several reasons, although not about the Wings abilities. I'm worried because my husband is a native of Pittsburgh and he's cheering for the Penguins. There will be no harmony at my house for the next week or so! (Hubby already pulled his Penguins jersey out of the closet.)

I'm also worried because my husband is a jinx. If he simply walks into the room when the Wings are on TV, the opposing team invariably wins. Honest. Last Saturday, Dallas and Detroit were tied 1-1 when my husband walked past the television on his way outside and BANG! The Stars scored, and we ended up losing that game.

My husband is aware that he is a jinx and normally doesn't mind listening to the game from another room, but therein lies the problem. Because we're playing the Penguins, he plans on sitting directly in front of the television for every single game wearing his jersey! Arghh...

So, if any Wings are reading this, do you guys think you could get it done in four games for the sake of harmony in my home? And because I also want to see my husband's Penguins jersey stuffed to the back of the closet again, where it belongs!

Red Wings

Good Luck Wings!

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abi said...

Better sit your husband down in front of a Tigers game when the Red Wings are on TV. And if the Tigers aren't playing, rent him some porn.

A few years ago, my brother-in-law accused me of jinxing the NE Patriots the same way. Anytime I showed up anywhere in the city of Revere (where he lived at the time and where I grew up) the Pats would lose.

Sure enough, after he moved out of Revere and I had less reason for going there, the Pats have been on a roll.

Kathy said...

Abi, in case you didn't notice, the Tigers are near the bottom. Having my husband watch them certainly won't help. The man jinxes all Michigan sports.

Oh well, I guess he'll have to go with your second suggestion. That'll make him happy. ;-)

Did the Pats have Brady when your brother-in-law lived there? Maybe you aren't really a jinx after all and they just needed Brady to help them along.

Kathy said...

By the way, the Wings are up two games, both of them shut-outs (4-0 and 3-0).

Way to go Ozzie!

abi said...

I think you're right about Brady - he became the regular QB just around the time the jinx ended. Damn - I was barred from all those delicious family Sunday dinners for nothing. ;-)