Friday, May 02, 2008

Bush's job creation claims debunked

Economist Dean Baker disputes the New York Times claim that "Mr. Bush has spent much of his presidency riding high on claims of solid job growth."

Not so, says Baker. Job growth has actually been pretty bad through most of President Bush's time in office. How bad? President Bush comes in dead last in job creation among recent presidents, even falling behind his dad's dismal record. Ouch!

No wonder recent polls show Bush is the most unpopular president in modern American history.

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abi said...

In Bush's defense, I think he was talking about jobs in government for his cronies. ;-)

He will be judged the worst president in history, bar none.

Lew Scannon said...

Has Bush ever uttered anything in the last eight years that hasn't been debunked, or vigorously defended by the right wing noise machine, no matter how blatantly false or out of touch??

Kevin McKague said...

Maybe he was counting the insurgents he inspired to go to work in Iraq.

The whole "job creation" claim reminds me of a famous editorial cartoon that came out during the '92 campaign, featuring George Senior campaigning in a restaurant. Ole' G.H.W.B is bragging that he created thousands of jobs, and the waitress on duty relpies "Yeah, I know, I've got three of them".

Its the quality, not the quantity that counts!

Anonymous said...

I agree with lew scannon, it seems as though it is just one obvious lie after another. And it rarely can be regarded as "spin", it's usually a flat out "I think you are all idiots" kind of lie that they never admit to regardless of the proof laid before them.

Kathy said...

Abi, I forgot about his cronies (I'm in denial). They sure did a heckuva job for our country, eh?!

Lew, it worries me that so many people in our country are willing to support liars and their lies. We've lost our moral compasses big time.

Kevin, like father, like son, except this time around I think it will take much longer for us to recover from the damage Junior did.

Stephen, the "I think you are all idiots" ploy worked well for them for a long time too, but have you noticed how the public dismisses anything that comes out of Bush's mouth now? I don't think that's because they know he'll soon be out of office, I think it's because he cried "wolf" one too many times and people no longer believe him. He will always be branded a "liar" in the history books.

K. said...

I scratched my head over that one myself -- couldn't figure out how it got past the editors. In any case, the number of jobs created is irrelevant when declining real wages undercut purchasing power and the standard of living.

Kathy said...

K, I think the declining wages and falling living standards seeped into American's minds a long time ago, which helps explain Bush's declining numbers.