Thursday, June 21, 2007

Poll reveals health care is top issue

Here are some interesting statistics from a recent Catholic Health Association poll [pdf]:

Providing quality and affordable health care tops concerns of likely voters
  • 29% of likely voters believe “providing affordable quality health care” should receive the “greatest attention from the government at the present time.”
  • 22% said “ensuring homeland security in the United States”
  • 19% said “reducing government spending and taxes”
  • 13% said “improving public education
39% of likely voters ranked “making health care more affordable” as the “most important goal for the country and should receive the greatest attention in reforming our health care system.”
82% of likely voters believe “there are moral and ethical reasons for making sure everyone in the U.S. has health care. Access to health care is a matter of human dignity.”

71% of likely voters believe “the federal government should take financial responsibility to cover uninsured children,” and 51% “would be willing to pay more in taxes to help pay for health insurance for children.”
It appears health care is very much a "values" issue with voters.


Holly said...

Of all the money wasted on the various miitary conflicts, they could have had meaningful healthcare for all

Larry said...

The wealthiest nation in the world have at least 47 million uninsured, and millions more underinsured.

1/3 of the 47 million uninsured make $40,000 per year.

This is deplorable, we spend two trillion dollars in Iraq so Exxon and Bush can get richer.

We spend very little on healthcare.

Kathy said...

Holly, exactly. It's dishonest for the government to say there isn't money for health care, yet they continue to pour millions into wars.

Larry, it is deplorable that Washington ignores this problem. The only way to change it is to vote out the ones that keep turning their backs on the uninsured.

enigma4ever said...

The funny thing is all of this is so disturbing- and yet I am ever so curious if SICKO will have some impact....You are really doing a great job covering this- I am going to put you in the Blogroll Round Up for the Weekend...

Kathy said...

Enigma, thanks for the kind words. It appears that "Sicko" is doing extremely well at the box office so far. I think Moore touched a raw nerve.