Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sometimes a Headline Gets it Right

Don't feel too bad for these guys. Jerry Falwell forgives them for their infidelity/ies - or at least Gingrich's:
Falwell, in his newsletter, said he has usually been able to tell when a man who has experienced "moral collapse" was genuinely seeking forgiveness. "My sense tells me that Mr. Gingrich is such a man," he wrote.

"I well remember the challenge we evangelicals faced in 1980 when our candidate, Ronald Reagan, was the first presidential candidate who had gone through a divorce. We wisely made allowance for God's forgiveness and America was the beneficiary of this historic champion," Falwell added.
What? I guess Falwell forgot all about Reagan's involvement in the Iran Contra Affair and
Oliver North's conviction on three felony counts for lying under oath.

Falwell's memory loss and double standard aside,
Howard Kurtz of the WaPo explains the right-wingers thinking this way:

"Right, it wasn't about the sex, it was about the perjury. Whereas Gingrich's affair was only about the sex."


Lew Scannon said...

Nice how God conveniently looks the other way for morally despicable candidates who interpret the constitution to Falwell's agenda.
This reminds me of when I worked in ultra-conservative Holland(MI) and Bill Clinton made his act of contrition and all my co-workers said it wasn't convincing enough for them.

Judge not......

Snave said...

I wish I had the Tom Tomorrow quote right but it goes something like

"It's amazing how so many minds of Americans are preoocupied with sex, and that most of those people are conservative Christians."

I think the following quote from H.L. Mencken IS correct:

"A Puritan is someone who is desperately afraid that, somewhere, someone might be having a good time."

I think the evangelicals are maybe more like Puritans than anything else.

abi said...

Family Values? Three Republicans, Eight Wives.

Sure, makes perfect sense. These guys have such high regard for family values that they want to get their horny little hands into as many families as possible.

Saw a good quote recently from Giuliani's son. Said he'd like to help out with his father's campaign, but he'll be too busy playing golf.

Anonymous said...

"Right, it wasn't about the sex, it was about the perjury. Whereas Gingrich's affair was only about the sex."

Conservative relitivism at it's finest. said...

The frightening thing is there are loads of people out there (the so-called conservative christians) who will buy this load because these politicians tell them what they want to hear. They don't see it as hypocrisy, they see it as God's truth. Scary stuff.

Kathy said...

Snave, those quotes certainly do depict the mindset of many right-wingers who seem to be fixated on other people's sex lives. They want sex out of our schools, media, workplace, politics, etc., but they talk about it constantly. I guess they get their vicarious kicks that way.

Abi, I didn't hear that quote about Giuliani's son, but that's really sad. I don't have a problem with divorced people. Marriages end, but it's the way people handle the breakups and treat their children afterwards that I look at. My husband and I have both been married before and we have a blended family, but we (and our ex's) have always made a point to share the high points and low points of our children's lives and be there for them in spite of our separate living arrangements. The fact that Giuliani couldn't find time to attend his own son's graduation says a lot, and it explains why his son feels the way he does now. Very sad.

Courtney, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. It's also frightening that loads of people look to these politicians as their role models.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what you can get away with if you offer to repent. And by repent I mean throw a lot of money at the church from which you seek forgiveness.

Kathy said...

I cropped the picture and made it easier for everyone to read. Hope it helps!