Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just DeVos

Sport fans - scroll down to read about DeVos and the Orlando Magic, but first let me start here: Following up on yesterday's post about DeVos' claim that legislators should work for the citizens and not special interest money, DemWave points to this embarrassing information:
His election conversion on special interest money is notable given this report from late August in the Detroit News indicating that the Republican Governors Association will be funneling $750,000 in out-of-state special interest money to Michigan to aid the DeVos campaign's on-going efforts to engage in a single-state deception and talk down the Michigan economy. [...]

Unfortunately for DeVos and the Republicans, the Republicans Governors Association has had problems this election cycle with tainted special interest money. Earlier this year, the Associated Press reported that the RGA was returning $500,000 in ethically questionable contributions it had received from Michael Scanlon, the business partner of Washington lobbyist, former National Chairman of the College Republicans, Bush/Rove buddy, and convicted felon--Jack Abramoff.
DemWave also came across this story about DeVos and the Orlando Magic from Florida:
The Amway Guy is caught up in the middle of a brewing political controversy in Central Florida. The controvesy surrounds the Orlando Magic--the struggling NBA team that Dick DeVos has owned since Daddy Rich "The Nut Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree" DeVos transferred ownership to his children (including The Dick) last October.

Apparently the current arena used by Amway's Team is not good enough for Dick DeVos. Dick and his Orlando Magic want taxpayers to build a new arena for them. [...]

In typical DeVos fashion, the Magic will only reveal how much they will contribute to the new $385 million arena after local taxpayers commit to build it. Just like Dick DeVos refuses to disclose where he stands on issues and how he'll pay for new proposals until after Election Day. DeVos and his Orlando Magic are playing the stall game.
One Florida columnist blames poor management skills as the reason taxpayers are reluctant to chip in for a new stadium:
But mismanagement by the DeVos family broke up a championship team and created a never-ending string of failed overhauls -- one incredibly engineered by a minor-league hockey general manager with no NBA experience. That, not the building, is what alienated fans, emptied the arena and turned the Magic into money-losers.
That contradicts the image we're being sold here in Michigan that depicts DeVos as a great businessman and manager. Taking a championship team and turning them into a money-loser isn't my idea of success.

Finally, here's another letter-to-the-editor from the Traverse City Record-Eagle that points to another DeVos lie:
I called Republican Action for clarification on one of DeVos' confusing television ads. They told me what that ad really means, and here it is: When DeVos says Michigan products are in China and 70 other countries, he really means that those countries, with their own employees, are producing Amway products. Michigan products are not being exported to those countries. [emphasis added]

And when he says he "saved 4,000 Michigan jobs," he really means that he's making more money by outsourcing, so he doesn't have to fire 4,000 Michigan employees.

DeVos doesn't make jobs; he makes millions to spend on misleading ads.

Evelyn Petersen
Traverse City
Thanks for giving us the "true" picture, Evelyn.


Lew Scannon said...

The mismanagement of the magic reminds me of another wealthy scion who ran two oil businesses into the ground before being elected governor of a state, then using his governorship as a springboard to the White House, where he anfd his Republican cohorts have mismanaged two wars and one emergenct response, as well as a whole country.......

The Disembodied Head of Dick Devos said...

Come on Lew, you can't hang George Bush around Dick Devos's neck. I mean, Dick Devos won't even SPEAK to W any more.

At least not in public.

And that "springboard" concept? Well that's right out.

Dick Devos would never even think about the presidency.

Well, not much anyway.

Kathy said...

Lew, that other wealthy scion you speak of also owned a sport team and managed to get the taxpayers to pay for a new stadium. The similarities between the two are striking. They must be clones!

Disembodied Head, running for president is very, very expensive. You'd better start selling more soap if you plan on covering that personal check.