Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bob Seger To Tour

If my hubby is reading this, here's what I want for my birthday and Christmas (which conveniently for him are close together). Bob Seger is going on tour according to the Free Press!
After months of teasing at the idea -- and a decade of pestering from fans -- Seger will hit the road this winter, he announced Wednesday night on "Late Show With David Letterman." [...]

Seger told the Free Press earlier this month that any tour would likely open in Grand Rapids, and with shows at the Palace of Auburn Hills and Joe Louis Arena in December.
Oh, one more thing. Seger has a new album out too - Face the Promise. Our anniversary is this weekend and that would make a great gift! (There might even be a good makeout song on it!)


Anonymous said...

He's going to be at our plant to kick off the new truck. So cheap is my middle name. I can also get you a front row seat :)

Anonymous said...

OOP!!!!!!!!!! Seger is out and Mellencamp is in. But i will give you the same deal.

Kathy said...

Um, anonymous, I like Mellencamp, but I prefer the more mature Seger! Thanks for the invite, but I'm holding out for a "real" concert! :-)