Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Check It Out!

The Detroit News (aka The DeVos News) has a great weblog that I encourage you to check out. I'll warn you in advance that it leans to the far right for the most part, but a few brave liberal bloggers hang in there and do a great job of unspinning the spin.

Libby Spencer is one of my favorites. She's been there from the beginning and gets more than her fair share of nasty comments, which tells me she's doing a great job! Anyway, here's a sample of her work:
The Republican nightmare - a Democratic November sweep:

Deb Price at the Detroit News points out, if the Democratic Party wins big in November, it will change the face of Congress. There will be a lot more African-Americans in charge. For one, Michigan's own John Conyers would head up the Judiciary Committtee.

The thought of a black man holding the President accountable for his actions, has the White Republicans in a tizzy.
I'll bet it does, especially since Black Americans are far more likely to say certain issues, most tied to personal finances, are "very important" to them personally than are whites. (Click the link and check out the sidebar source.)

A newcomer to the weblog is Christine Barry, who happens to hail from Michigan, has her own blog, and knows local politics inside and out. If her first post is any indication of what's to come, the DeVos campaign is definitely in a tizzy - she ripped him up one side and down the other!
Bah! Dick’s Big Fat Honda Lie

Why is Dick DeVos constantly in my face with all these lies about Granholm & Honda?

Lie, the first: “In Michigan, we're tearing down auto plants” … Bah! Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, GM, and Mitsubishi/Daimler Chrysler have invested in research, development, design, and manufacturing facilities throughout Michigan.

Lie, the second: “Indiana’s Governor pursued Honda for over a year” … Bah! Indiana pursued Honda and other Japanese companies for over 20 years by maintaining a trade office there. (Even Indiana's Governor Daniels said “The ties between Indiana and Japan are decades old”.) Ohio has also had a trade office in Japan for over a decade. Michigan used to have one … but Governor John Engler closed our office there in order to give us a tax cut. (yep, that’s the same Gov who left us with $3 billion deficit)

Lie, the third: “Gov. Granholm was blindsided, only got interested at the 11th hour.” … Bah! Granholm met with Honda in 2005, nearly a year before Honda made their announcement. Her team met with them again in 2006.
You get the idea. Go read her post to see what other lies she calls him on and then click on the links that back up her claims. After $14 million dollars and months of campaigning from DeVos, Christine sums him up in a nutshell:
Lies about the Governor, lies about the economy, lies about the media, lies about the auto industry in Michigan.

Come on, Dick. Treat me to an honest face sometime.


Rolfe said...

I am sick of DeVos lies as well and we still have 69 more days of this crap. Good thing the truth is coming out about Dick and his attacks; I have seen numerous people reference the "truth squad" section of the G4G website to resolve the Honda issue.

I also greatly enjoyed the "see Dick run" video,

which you can also find on DeVos' website, thanks for spreading the word Dick.

I have been very relieved over the past week as poll after poll, Zogby, Survey USA, Strategic Vision, etc. have put Granholm up by up to 8%. I have a feeling she won't look back as more ads shed light on DeVos' unimpressive record and the Scamway exporting of local jobs.

There are definitely some rough responses over on the Det News blog comments, but as you mentioned there are a few bloggers fighting the good fight.

Libby said...

Thanks for the encouragement Kathy. I seem to have generated a little tizzy with that post as well. I'm still pondering my response.

And I'm loving Christine. I hope she sticks around.

Christine said...

Hi Kathy, thanks very much for the plug & encouragement. As you may have noticed I am making all kinds of new friends there already! (snark)

I agree that Libby had a legitimate point with the tizzy, but I haven't had time to bang out a post on that yet.

Libby, you have really been a Godsend to me in my first couple of days there. Everytime I start to feel bad about my feedback, I just read yours. Cheers me right up.

Carry on soldier! :)