Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blackwater Seeks Shari'a Law Defense

I've gotta hand it to Blackwater Worldwide. They get more free publicity than John McCain. The latest news is courtesy of Voice of Mordor:
Erik Prince (prince in name, not in nature), brother-in-law to the leaseholders of the Michigan Republican party, is fighting a lawsuit against his mercenary business in Afghanistan, brought by widows of three American soldiers who died when a plane owned by a sister corporation to Blackwater, Presidential Airways [crashed].

The companies lawyers are arguing before a US federal court that Shari'a law should be applied, and not the current legal standard found in the United States of America.
Why is Blackwater seeking to hide under a burqa to have the judge apply Islamic law? Because Shari’a law does not hold a company responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of their work. Blackwater would be off the hook and could pocket even more money.

Oh, oh. Now they've opened Pandora's box. Or, as Attaturk at Firedoglake said:
Don't let too many Republicans know this, but Shari'a law is apparently great for business and bad for the most evil people on earth, not Al Qaeda silly, AMERICAN TRIAL LAWYERS. [...]

If this becomes well-known, the GOP's corporate base will become fundamentalist Muslims faster than you can say Mecca Oil & Gas.

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K. said...

These guys are something else. The sheer gall is staggering.

Lew Scannon said...

Isn't religion the last refuge of a scoundrel? I wonder how Prince's embrace of Islam is going over in the Reformed part of Michigan where he's from....