Monday, March 31, 2008

Edwards still holding off on endorsement

In his first public speech since dropping out of the race two months ago, Edwards told the Young Democrats of North Carolina convention he has a "very high opinion" of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He said the country "would be blessed" to have either one of them as president.

The former North Carolina senator and vice-presidential nominee said both are better suited to advance his anti-poverty platform than Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain.
John McCain is a campaign finance criminal. Click here to read more about McCain's finance finagling and then remember this in November. A vote for McCain will give us another president who puts himself above the law and does whatever he wants. Is that really how you want to cast your vote?


JollyRoger said...

McCavein is a CRIMINAL, period, as well as a philanderer. When he isn't whoring his Senate votes for campaign money, he's hopping in the sack with lobbyists who whore THEMSELVES out for his Senate votes.

He's an embalmed zombie, a disgusting excuse for a man. In other words, he's Grade-A Gopper leadership.

abi said...

Is that really how you want to cast your vote?

Yes and no. I certainly won't vote for McCain, but I may well vote for Nader (for the 3rd time). Which means I'll be accused of - yep, voting for McCain.

Kathy said...

Jollyroger, McCain certainly does have his faults - moral and ethical. I find it ironic that so many Republicans embrace him in spite of his philandering. He divorced his first wife after she sustained a car accident that left her disabled for life (this happened while he was a POW). She wasn't bedridden, but her limited mobility resulted in a weight gain that bothered him. Talk about shallow. If he couldn't show compassion to his wife and honor his wedding vows, why are people trusting him now? More to the point, Republicans had a real problem with Clinton's infidelity but they give McCain a pass. What hypocrites.

Abi, I'm assuming you'll vote for Nader if a certain Democrat wins the nomination. Who would that be?

I have to admit that Nadar's position on taking away corporate personhood rights and supporting single payer health care are attractive to me too, but I just don't see Washington working with him to accomplish anything. Not that they do such a bang up job now of course, but I just think he might make it worse because he's not proven himself to be the kind of person to compromise or find common ground. (Hmm...that sounds like GWB.)