Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No more excuses for Hillary

Clinton suffered another loss last night and it bothers me that she didn't even have the manners or graciousness to thank the voters that turned out for her. And, for the second time, she didn't congratulate Obama on his win. That bothers me. Win or lose, manners still count in my book.

Hillary also didn't make excuses to explain away Obama's win last night. That's because there are no more excuses according to Ezra Klein:
With a population that is more than 91 percent white, Wisconsin isn't African American enough for Bill Clinton to hint that it didn't count. As one of the 20 most populous states in the union, it's not small enough for Clinton's chief strategist, Mark Penn, to suggest it didn't rate. Because Wisconsin uses a primary, the Clinton campaign can't pretend it was noncompetitive because of a mysterious allergy to caucuses.
The campaign can't use the excuse that Obama's lack of experience matters either:
[...] it's growing increasingly hard for Clinton to argue that her experience and electoral discipline set her apart when the largest organization she's ever run—this campaign—is listing so badly and exhibiting a reality so far from the rhetoric.
All those facts aside, Clinton is still in the race and could pull off an upset (or convince the superdelegates to do something undemocratic and throw the race her way). However, if she should lose, I hope Hillary takes the loss with dignity and bows out gracefully. Nobody likes a sore loser.


Larry said...

The longer this campaign goes on the more Hillary reveals herself to be a pure opportunist, who would do anything to achieve power, and those not cowing to her words are easily ignored.

Kathy said...

Larry, do your write under a different name at the blogs that show up when I click on your name? I've searched those sites but never found posts by you. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Please point me in your direction!

Larry said...


I am mainly at Lydia Cornell's blog but lately she has done the bulk of that, as I work to help create her new website and blog that will be with her own software, no more blogger.

She will be unveiling a new website/blog in the weeks to come that will cover many areas and I will write daily for that.

The other blogs on the list I write for as time permits, but have an apen invitation to write anytime I choose.

I only write under my first name.

Lew Scannon said...

It becomes clearer with every loss that Hillary's not fighting for America, she's fighting for her own political life.

Kathy said...

Larry, I'll be sure to keep watching for your posts and the new and improved website. Thanks for the heads up.

Lew, from what I hear, Clinton did moderate her tone during last night's debate, and some people said she did that for the good of the party going ahead. I might have been wrong about her and she will end up being a gracious loser (if she loses).