Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blackwater's plans for New Year's Eve

Blackwater sure is intent on putting themselves out there as equals to our military. Yesterday, we learned about their paratroopers parachuting onto the field during halftime at the SDSU "Fleet Week" game and today there's more news. Go read my post over at BFM: Blackwater at New Year's Eve Armed Forces Bowl

But before you go, check out this YouTube video of a Blackwater parachutist landing on the field at the Fleet Week SDSU game (around the 2:45 mark). He's holding the American flag and his parachute is emblazoned with the Blackwater logo. Eisenhower must be rolling over in his grave.


Larry said...

No doubt they are scouting their prey since Bush's Militia will be the ones guarding U.S citizens, once Bush imposes Martial Law.

abi said...

Incredible. It would be hard to overstate the extent to which the Bush admin and the neocons have changed this country for the worse.

- abi

Kathy said...

Larry, a local paper quoted a general as saying Blackwater has enough resources to overthrow a small government. (Or defend a regime trying to impose martial law.)

Abi, I agree, but yet 35% of the people still back him, and the Democrats still haven't held anyone accountable. It's like everyone is in cahoots to destroy our country.

Fran said...

Ugh! Not only did Blackwater fly it's logo above the flag-- but this display touches the flag down to the ground which is a no no in flag handling proper etiquette.
But in this symbolic gesture it is befitting.
Run the flag (our democracy into the ground) while private militia for profit prevails.
the crowd cheers

Kathy said...

Fran, well said. I like your analogy.

Anonymous said...

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Perhaps we should try a little research on our own about what is going in the world instead of relying on popular forms of news sources such as Oprah or the local news channel. And perhaps we should quit pointing fingers and assigning blame until we are more educated about the topics.