Saturday, May 12, 2007

Temporarily Closed

I wanted to let everyone know I won't be updating this blog too often over the next couple of weeks. My hubby and I are flying west to start our vacation tomorrow. I won't tell you where we're going, but I'll give you a hint: What happens there, stays there!

When I get home, I have a baby shower to help my sister finish planning and throw. My daughter (who is also my baby) is having a baby in July. She miscarried last year and took it pretty hard, so this pregnancy has helped with the healing process. We don't know the sex of the baby yet (my daughter and son-in-law preferred to wait and be surprised), but if you can make out any definitive signs whether it's a boy or a girl from this ultrasound picture, please, let me know! It will make it easier for Grandma to shop for baby clothes.

Anyway, there's also a holiday coming up soon, so that pretty much guarantees my time is going to be limited for the next few weeks. If something important happens while I'm gone (like Bush resigning), drop by and give me the real scoop, not the Faux News version, okay?


abi said...

That's a great picture. Good luck with everything.

What happens there, stays there! True - like your money. :-)

Mensch71 said...

Have a great vacation! Congratulations on the impending wee one. I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl but I'm sure that nothing really matters other than a healthy baby and mom. Bon voyage!

expatbrian said...

Have fun! It's one of my favorite towns. I've left a lot of good memories there myself.

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous vacation Kathy!