Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Injustice Index

Check out the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy 2006 Injustice Index. As they describe last year, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Here's a sample from their list:
Wages that an average CEO earns before lunchtime: more than a full-time minimum wage worker makes in a year

Ratio of the average U.S. CEO’s annual pay to a minimum wage worker’s: 821:1

Years of unused vacation time that American workers collectively give back to their employers each year: 1.6 million

Percentage of women earning less than $40,000 per year who receive no paid vacation time at all: 37

Number of times that Congress has reduced the estate tax since it last raised the federal minimum wage: 9

Amount in tax breaks and subsidies that last year’s energy bill paid out to the gas and oil industry during a period of record profits and higher prices at the pump: $6 billion

Total Wal-Mart received in government subsidies, sometimes called “corporate welfare” by activists, in 2005: $3.75 billion

Ratio of compensation of CEOs of publicly traded defense companies to privates before September 11th, 2001: 190 to 1

Ratio in 2006: 308 to 1

Percentage increase in out-of-pocket medical expenses for the average American in the past 5 years: 93

Estimated amount the U.S. would save each year on paperwork if it adopted single-payer health care: $161,000,000,000
This kind of economic injustice typifies the Bush administration. They've catered to corporations and the rich, while leaving families at the middle and lower rungs behind.


Troll Watcher said...

And as long as the one percenters salaries are figured into the GNP, the economy will always appear to be booming.

abi said...

These stats are enough to make you sick, which is unfortunate because too many of us can't afford to be sick.

Kathy said...

Troll, good point, and it's also why public sentiment doesn't match the optimistic news the media keeps pushing.

Abi, that statistic about out-of-pocket medical expenses increasing 93% in the last 5 years was unbelievable? Those expenses really erode any wage increases a person might get too.